Sunday, June 03, 2007

Leo strikes again!

Well - remember at the end of last year when I said that I wanted to achieve 7 titles with Leo this year?!?!?! I have since reduced that to 5 taking out the SD and SPD (agility games) as I won't be trying that this year! But we are certianly well on our way with 2 of our obedience titles under our belt now!!! Yep, thats right - Leo didn't disappoint (well... he almost did!) and we achieved our CD (Novice) obedience title on Saturday. So Leo will now be known as...


Aren't we a clever boy then?! I am so proud of his efforts as he only started trialling for Novice in April. He gained his title in 5 trials (seems to be a pattern as he did the same in CCD!) but all of this was within 3wks (since his first pass at the end of May)! All trials he did really well - gaining excellent heeling scores except for (would you believe) our title pass :(. Usually high 30s (over 35) with only one below (24!!!). The places where he failed was just unfortunate or 'bad luck' but I guess that is the 'fun' of trialling right! So the titles still to get is JD (1/3 of the way there!), AD and HT (don't know if we will *ever* get this!). I am sooo proud of my boy, but he is absolutely exhausted today!!!

Just to recap his passes were: 189 & 1st place, 179 & 2nd place, 183 & 1st place.... I know we always say it... but if Leo had heeled like he did in the morning for our title pass, our score would have been 193 - he just 'threw away' 10 points in the fig 8 that even the judge said she was dissapointed!!!

Enter Kinta aka wild child, feral puppy, psychotic- i'm-jumping-out-of-my-skin dog! Yep, you guessed it - she seems to have 'recovered' from her fiasco last week and back to bullying Leo (and other dogs - but I was able to get her under control and she stopped!!!), jumping on Leo's back, stealing his toys (she wasn't playing for a bit but is now super keen - tugging and all!!!) and pretty much just being an absolute feral nightmare! I never thought i'd hear myself say this..... but...... thank gawd coz I really missed my feral girl! Soo nice to have her back to her normal self! She was still a little unsure in our obedience class but I think that is because some of the dogs are so unpredictable (sitting one minute, surging at her the next) and with inexperienced handlers, it does make a difference! She was a lot more confident though so hopefully in a few weeks she'll be fine.... mind you - we have no troubles off lead and if we get told off by another dog we 'respect' them,.... but just like to bully others *vbg*!

I had a bit of a play around with K in the trial ring today also as I needed some help with my signals and her fronts etc. I didn't want to ask my instructor as I wanted trialling advice... What she does is she tries to 'target' my hand every time I tell her to drop/stand. We had a bit of a play around and we came up with a few ideas - she will do her positions with the teeniest signal because her eyes are glued to me!!! So we have a few things to practice now! The 'triallers' were very impressed with her heeling etc, so i'm glad that our training is going in the right direction!

I was also given some 'open' training, but Leo was just there for the social - it was more training for me on *how* to train everything.... One of the triallers also gave me my own set of scent articles (minus the leather) so apparently i'm meant to head off to train this! Boy - they are keen and expecting me to go far hey!!! LOL!

Other news (coz that is probably enough about dogs!):

I also picked up my new CAR on Friday night!!! I absolutely LOOOVE it!! Well... except for one minor draw back. The boot is not as big as I thought it would be and is actually smaller than my modified Echo boot. The advantage being that I still have back seats in this car! So excellent for passengers and the hounds on a day out (yep, there is still room for the both in the boot) but not so great for showing. I can fit both of the soft crates in the boot (with the dogs on top of them), but unfortunately, the trolley (yes, I just bought a 2nd hand trolley!) only *just* doesn't fit - say by about 2 inches because the boot caves in a fraction. There is also not enough height for the trolley to stand upright (not to mention it is *heavy*!! So when I go to shows, or decide to take 2 wire crates, I will still only be able to take 1 passenger (possibly 2, if the crates will only take up one side of the back, but I doubt it) as the trolley etc can fit in the back seat area (either folded down or not...). Either way, I am very pleased with the car and figure that is only a minor issue ;). Photos will come soon when I can take them in daylight (couldn't this weekend - too busy!).

I think that is about all of my news - nothing much else to report really ;)


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Amanda O. said...

Ah, gosh, what a wonderful feather in your cap having his title so nicely! He's come along so well and so quickly, I'm just tickled pink for you! Congrats again and enjoy your new car! (Maybe you could put a rack on top for the trolly?)