Friday, June 22, 2007

Poor little tykes!

Ok - I am SO NOT HAPPY JAN right now!


We have a show tomorrow, so have to come home from work and wash the dogs (Leo *has* to get done as he is plain filthy and I don't want to bring out the bath again tomorrow ;) ). Thats fine except that by the time I get home from work it is usually dark and being a Friday, I usually just want to collapse infront of the TV!

So anyway - i'm driving home, planning out how i'm going to wash the hounds and finish them so I still have time to relax.... then.... it starts to rain! As most of you know - the dogs aren't *really* allowed inside all that much, and despite my efforts last week, couldn't convince Mum to let me wash K in the bath tub (which no-one uses!). So there was no hope for me to get both of them washed inside. So - set up in the garage- pull over buckets of water and wash them in the doggy bath (with the plug in etc,etc). All is well, except for two grumpy dogs who really dislike bath time, despite their masters reassurance that it isn't 'all' bad and it will be over soon....

Onto drying the doggies..... I half dry Leo and then put him away to start on Kinta so she doesn't get too cold..... then... the unthinkable happens - the dryer breaks! So now I have 2 wet doggies, no other way to dry them completely (of course they are towel dried as much as I can) and a *cold* winters night!!! So right now, my poor little guys are sitting inside, on their mats, with their coats on (pre-heated over the heater) and a Mum feeling incredibly guilty and sorry for them.... Kinta is even shivering! As for the looks on their faces.... well... the lines "I told you we didn't need a bath" comes to mind! Poor little guys!

On top of that, because of my big expense this month ie: new car, although I have the money to buy a dryer, i'm really trying hard to save - particularly until I sell my old car. I don't want to be having the barest minimum in my bank account. So after having an expensive month and on top of everything else having to re-stock on pet food and the worming/flea treatments, I really don't *want* to spend any more on the dogs.... having said that - I do think that a 'force' dryer is the way to go in order to stop throwing away $50 every 6-12mths for a new hair dryer!!

Ok - rant over... time for some pics to show how forlorn the dogs are (after all, it was a picture perfect moment!)

The thought - "I told you so" comes to mind!

Snapped a second too late - Leo's head was resting on Kinta :-(

Thats what I wanted!!

Kinta Close-up
Leo close-up

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Amanda O. said...

Okay,that's it... I'm calling PETA on you!!! ;-p

I hear you on the force dryer though! It's definitely on my list!