Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bad Karma?? Murphy's Law???


Seems I am about to find out what that strange foreign life is *outside* of the dog world! I have been soooo bored all week, but in another sense - i've been able to clean up a lot around the house ;).

The story starts last week when I got an email saying that the dogs that my lot had been running around with had been exposed to kennel cough. Since Kinta had a bad dose of it last year, before I got her, and Leo also had it last year, I was 'hoping' that neither would contract it. Unfortunately for me this was not the case and Kinta started coughing Monday morning *sigh*.... so both dogs have pretty much been in confinement all week albeit on *very* restricted walks occasionally to the ovals where 'no dogs dwell'..... The plot thickens as Leo started coughing this morning, just as Kinta was getting MUCH better, so looks like they will have to be confined a little longer..... can't say it was unexpected considering Kinta spends half of her life down the back of Leo's throat cleaning his tonsils!!

The worst part is that because I had a weekend of shows planned for the little miss and I was looking forward to another weekend of showing - our last shows before the Royal (because of agility trials and such) and August has been a quiet month! Not to mention Sept/ Oct looks pretty quiet too! But, there is no way i'm going, so unfortunately i'll have to let those ones pass! Bummer!

What's more annoying was that I was searching through the gazette last night and why is it that *every* show I want to enter either has an agility / obedience trial on the same day OR falls on a Sunday..... the days when I am free - there is nothing to enter - no obedience/shows or agility! That's not fair *vbg*!

My aim is to have Leo ready to compete in obedience again by Croydon's December trial.... I think... might have to re-think that dependant on how much I am expected to do in terms of preparing (club wise) for the trial... He is coming along smoothly, but there are still a few areas we need to glitch out.... namely starting training for out of sight stays and his 'dumbell' which seems to have taken a small backward turn...... *again*! Nothing drastic, but it is annoying that just when things start going well, he decides to muck at least *one* thing up *vbg*! Who's idea was it that dog training was fun?!?!?!?!

Other than that - there is nothing to tell as i've spent my days at either work or home..... but having fun in the freezing cold playing with the dogs, cleaning up the yard, cleaning blankets etc..... LOL. Might be off rock climbing this weekend with the uni gang since I can't show :(. Hmm... that would be interesting - i'm hopeless at that kind of stuff!

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