Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Intelligence Test

Ok - well you have probably heard me say that Kinta is by far more switched on/ intelligent than Leo.... but last night this was put to the test ;).. Some new toys arrived for them from an online friend - a busy bee and Iqube - both of which are 'problem' solving games whereby the dog has to 'figure out' how to get the objects out of the toy (3 bees/ 4 shapes all that squeak)..... So.... I have since set the challenge - which dog is more intelligent of the two??? Hmmm.....

The Challenge:

Well the challenge itself was pretty simple - each dog was given the toy and I watched to see who could figure it out the fastest ;). They were given a shot on both types as the IQube is definitely more difficult than the busy bee ;)

The Contestants:
First up we have Leo - Ellagant Full O Mischief CD JD, 3yr old who loves nothing more than a lazy cuddle ;). Nowhere near as wired as 'contestant #2' but very biddable and easy to train..... does he have the brains to take on his rival?!?!?!

Next we have Kinta aka Ellagant Full of Antics - 12mths old, a whipper snapper compared to Leo. Quick to learn new tasks, happy-go-lucky and ALWAYS on the move ;)..... she was the favourite entering into the competition.....

Round 1:
Unfortunately - due to 'technical issues' I *can't* upload the video of Leo and the 'busy bee'.... Apparently it is too large to upload onto youtube, and I have no idea on how to reduce the size! So you are going to have to take my word for it ;-). Pity coz it is a cute video ;). Well..... Leo managed to get a bee out in under a minute (lol, it was a fluke I think ;) ), but was none-the-less pleased with himself. Once he got one bee out, that bee then had to be taken away to stop him from squeaking the darned thing and 'get on with the task' LOL! If Leo could talk, I am sure he would give this toy an over all 4 star - methinks he liked it ;-)
*getting right into it*

Kinta's first round consisted of the IQube, which does seem to be a much harder toy to pull the objects out ;). At first - picking it up by the tag and shaking it was far more interesting. I do have a video of this, but if you watch it, you have to excuse the rather eccentric owner talking to her dog ;).....

Ok - so 1:30mins of play and still no toy pulled out - evidently shaking it and trying to play tug with it was much more exciting *g*.

Round 2:
Well - after a short break, we came back to complete round two of the challenge. This time they switched toys ;-)

Leo's turn on the IQube - again - he impressed all by getting ALL objects out within i'd say probably a 5min bracket (which did include squeaking the toys vigorously each time they were pulled out *rofl*).... he would bunt, chew and grab to pull the objects out and I think he would rate this one 5 star.... *heaps more fun* :P

ETA - love dad's comments and our shock that he got them out! Plz excuse the cat trying to get in the fun ;)

Next was Kinta's turn on the Busy bee - this video comes in 2 parts as I didn't realise that I had the camera on zoom *rolls eyes* - I still love the 1st video though as she gives the toy one vigorous shake, the hive goes one way and she promptly walks off with her 'prize'.

Apparently Kinta's theory was once I got one prize, she didn't need to worry about the rest and kept wanting to go back to her 'first' bee *rofl*

So, it seems that our assumptions are wrong! Leo passed this intelligence test with flying colours and beat the pants off his rival!! As to what the dogs think of the results:

*of course i'm the smarter one you fool - beauty AND brains!*

*I wasn't really trying - thought i'd let him win once in a while ;)*

As for what the cat thinks........
*say WHA?!?!?!!*

Hope you enjoyed - Sarah I have loaded all these pics straight from the comp - let me know if it takes too long again - I always seem to do photo overload *vbg*!


Sarah said...


Yep, pictures came up good and quick this time :-)

Brave lady giving soft toys to Aussies! Jenna had the Iqube and a Turtle with eggs (same thing as busy bee but green!) She solved both puzzles in less than 5 min each! She'd systemaatically empty them then bring me the bits to restuff - you need aposable thumbs apparently LOL. Murphy never really got the idea but he did enjoy shredding the cube and disemboweling the poor turtle - about 10 min each toy!! Grrrrr. We don't do soft puzzle toys now LOL

Amanda O. said...

Aw, how cute are Leo and Kinta! I'm with Sarah... brave lady giving soft toys to Aussies! Si likes to remove eyes, Hope their faux fur, Verity their stuffing guts and squeekies. Astonishingly, we do have our bee toy almost 4 years on... unmaimed even! Si grabs a wing and shakes her head until the whole thing launches, taking out whatever breakable is in it's flightpath. Hence why the toy is put up when not in use in a non-breakable room!

(I also love Monty's expression... what a classic! LOL)

aussienut said...

haha - I must have some very strange aussies then!!! They really don't rip things up too much.... unless they are playing tug with it.... lol - Kinta is definately worse than Leo though - they even have a plush duck that 'quacks' that they play tug with and it is still alive!!! Weird dogs!