Saturday, August 18, 2007

Never work with kids or animals.....

*Dial-up warning*!!! Lots of piccies so let me know if there are too many and i'll keep in mind not to be so 'generous' next time! We have graduation photos too, but since they were taken with the good 'ol film camera (mum's SLR) you may have to wait a bit for me to scan them etc ;)

OK - onto todays adventures. The dogs are much better from their KC, but since we weren't going to our show today, I decided to take advantage of the nice green lawn out front, the sunshine and two *reasonably* clean dogs (you should have seen them earlier in the week!) and take some pics ;). I wanted some pics with *me* in them as I'm forever snapping away the dogs on their own/ together, but never with me in them! So - I set up my camera, get the dogs ready and try and shoot some nice shots (apologies for the 'over-exposure' in some!).

First up - stacked shots..... These weren't too bad - once I had the bait out.... before I brought out bait they were looking at me, looking at the camera etc.... all in all *much* easier than stacking the dog and 'waiting' for the right pic to come along!

Kinta at 12mths!

Leo at 3yrs!
So they came out quite good right?! So - I thought - great - i'll get some pics of both dogs and myself - it would be nice to have them, and if a *really* nice one came out, I might elect to put it on my webpage.....

Take 1: Hey look at that - Mum is behind me... wonder if she wants kisses!!!!

Hmm... not exactly the shot I was after! Some time later........ Hmm... whats that over there?!

Still no luck! Some time later...... FINALLY a nice shot of the dogs..... pity I looked absolutely horrible in it (cut out for a reason!)!!

More time still ..... hmm... what seems to be so funny?!?!?! *apologies for quality!*

OK - we're getting there!

Finally - a nice shot!!!
Hey - we even got game and tried different 'styled' photos!
Individual shots!
Pics of the dogs together:
and alone.....
(Leo's thought of the whole affair!)
Then at long last - I come inside and decide 'enough is enough'.... time to collaborate what I have, delete half (gotta love digital camera's!), and ponder over the other half as to what is good and what isn't (usually half the photo looking good, the other half looking less than mediocre!). Of course i'm always FAR more critical coz i'm in the pic - so half of the ones up here i'm not even too sure on! Then.... I come across this pic! Completely random shot! As you may have guessed, I used a fair amount of bribery to get the dogs to co-operate, mainly their favourite toy (squeaky Cuz).... Guess the click came a little early in this one!!!

Hope you enjoyed - check out my little space on You Tube also as I will have uploaded some video clips for critique (hopefully they won't be too small that you can't see us!). Pity the camera doesn't zoom while you take videos!!!

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