Saturday, August 11, 2007

A New Graduand

Well today was the big day! I have now graduated from my Bachelor of Animal Science course, albeit 18mths late (deferring 12mths while deciding to do hons or not, and missing the boat due to admin issues for March....). Despite being long-awaited, the day was still just as special and memorable. Who'd have thought that wearing a simple gown can make you feel soo clever ;). Needless to say, it brought back memories. Memories of the good times I spent at uni - many a day in the ILFR computer labs, sitting down doing little work, chatting with friends (of *course* I was the quiet one in the corner!) and listening to Llama songs.... *vbg*! Memories of complaining of long days with no breaks (one that springs to mind is 3rd yr, Thursdays with 8am,9am lecture, 10-12prac,1pm lecture and 2-5pm prac!!!), complaining that we bit off more than we could chew for the Industry Project.... Memories of everybody asking me what lecture they had next because despite the fact I *couldn't* remember lecture material, I knew what everyones classes were (hmm... weird person I know!).... and most of all the bonds we built. I really miss the uni days - not the studying or exams (ugh!), but I daresay the friendships I built among those walls will last a lifetime and no matter the distance or regularity between our 'meetings' I believe we will stay firm friends! The only disappointment of the day was that the majority of my friends had graduated earlier, so there was only 4 of us who went through our 'journey' together (Durani, Michelle, Ange and myself).

Thank goodness the ceremony didn't drag on - I recall Scott's seemed like forever and a day, but this one didn't.... maybe it was because I was involved.... but both Mum and Dad also agreed :P. I'll have more pics later as Mum was the chief photographer (I think my cheeks are permanently stuck to 'grin' mode).... I swear, these gowns have to be *the* most photographed outfits (excusing of course wedding gear.... they would get a work out too ;-) )..... but here is a pic of Michelle and myself, post-ceremony ;-).

Although I walk away with *only* a "bachelor" degree, I still feel immensely proud of what I have achieved. I didn't scrape through with scored - I know I achieved reasonably good marks throughout and the door is not closed to future study.... just not yet ;). What the future holds however still remains cloudy. HOW do you decide on what you want to do??? Especially when you add the fact that you want to work in the 'animal industry'.... I still haven't closed the doors to being a Vet yet. Perhaps I may have a better chance coming from a degree and 'research' background..... I would still love that as a career choice, and after a few years break from study, would probably look forward to going back.... but it would be a long haul, and I don't know if my brains are smart enough for that! Am I hanging on to it because it has *always* been my dream, or do I really want to do it? At the end of the day, I can see myself as a vet....... hmmm......

On the flip side of the coin - do I continue with what I do now? Research? Do I work as an RA for a few years, to go back to study (Masters/ PhD) in something with companion animals? I guess if the project *really* interested me, I would enjoy it, nay, revel in it.... but in all honesty, I can't see myself in this profession. I am not an 'office' person and this style doesn't really suit me.... as Mum says - i'm a people-person who wants to be chatting and interacting with people all day....

Then - there is my third option, and probably the one i've been treasuring the most of late.... do I want to take the risk and persue dog training/ behavioural training?? I can really see myself in this field, but this would be the scariest option.... Do I have the knowledge or experience to follow through with this... can people actually *understand* me if I were to talk 'dog training' to them, or do I make them more confused..... Do I have the knack for this career and most of all, will I be able to make a living out of it???

It's scary as i'm the type of person who likes to see straight down the line - I want to know where i'll be in 5 years and all I can see in front of me is fog. What do you think? Where would you see me??? I don't even know what/where my abilities lie anymore! LOL! I'd love to hear what you all think!

As for how the rest of the day panned out? Well - we stayed in the city and went to Chinatown for lunch - Shark Fin House for some Yum Cha which unfortunately was most disappointing - not as much 'variety' as we would have liked - not to mention they were out of my favourite... Egg Tart!!! Noooo!!! LOL.. The food was good - but the service far from it.....

After that, we just wondered around the city - into Myer as they had a shoe sale and I have been looking for some boots (I can hear Kylie gasp - oooh shoe sale *vbg*!)..... I came away with 2 pairs of heels though :-O for under $30 each!!!!! Originally about $70 each -so I think that was quite good! Kylie - you'll be pleased to know - I got a *red* strappy pair that will go v-e-r-y nicely with the lovely red top (and grey skirt) that I got last night ;-).

So thats my day! Another one for the memory books, and another chapter in my life closed..... who knows what the future holds.... but if anyone has a crystal ball - please tell me!!


Kylie said...

oooohhhhh boots lol.

Glad to hear your grad day went well. Sounds like yours was better than mine lol.

As for the career know i am not going to be any help as i couldn't make a decision to save my life hehe. But if it makes you feel better you are not the only one feeling foggy :P. At least you know what general industry you want to work in so that is one step in the right direction. But i know what you mean about the need for a goal or purpose to strive just feels wrong drifting aimlessly along doesn't it.

ness_bc said...

When you find that crystal ball that tells all let me know.

Sarah said...


Glad you had a good time on your hard earned day :-)

As for not knowing where you're headed, I'm nearly twice your age and I *still* don't have a clue LOL

if someone finds that crystal ball I think it could be doing a lot of changing hands if current demand is anything to go by!

Rose said...

congratulations!! how exciting all those options you will have open to you :)

have fun deciding!! :)