Monday, January 07, 2008

Another dog post....

Coz lets face it, what other kind of post is there ;) *evil laugh*

First up - I would like to clear something up.... next time I say that I am *not* happy with calm, quiet Kinta when she is out of season.... can someone *please* bang me over the head with a cricket bat or something, until sense starts to penetrate!


Hmm... well - we did some training with the hounds yesterday morning (and started Leo on UD work!!!) and ended up at one of the beaches down at Mornington with Tracey and Kylie (and their hounds too). Was surprised to find a beach that allows dogs during the day but according to the Life be in it "walkies" beach - Mills beach is the 'go'... even the lifeguards didn't say anything! We weren't prepared so not dressed or ready for the beach, but that didn't stop us going in with the dogs anyway (on lead).... Poor Whiskey and Scruffy (Tracey & Kylie's dogs) are NOT water babies and didn't like the prospect of the water at all ;).... Leo liked the water until Kinta started to use him as a launch pad to jump into the water OR if he went out too deep (swimming) and a *big* wave came along (read: wave of about 10cm!)... Mind you, if I left him, he wasn't a happy camper.

Kinta the feral on the other hand thought waves were there to be jumped over, chased, attacked, run into and of course body surf (or is that doggy surf?!)... and what *is* it about wet dogs and spack attacks?! They come out of the water and if they weren't on lead both would likely have been jumping over tanning bodies sprawled out on the beach.... in fact a soccer match was almost interrupted since *obviously* someone kicking a ball means that they are to kick it to us *roll eyes*.... Lifeguards with their kayak things coming out of the water deserved to be barked at (Kinta) as they had no right blocking her view..... *sigh*.... Holes were to be dug (Leo joined in) only to flop in it, roll over in the sand then shake all over us.... Heaven forbid if we actually sat still for more than 30 seconds as that meant we needed to be jumped on, barked at and ordered to do something.....

When we got back to Kylie's place (where I think I out stood my welcome ;-)) instead of being nice, quiet dogs, we get out into the larger yard and have another 3 min spack attack (both dogs) which of course included jumping OVER poor Scruffy (Yorkie), using the yard as a grand prix circuit and general chasing and being a pest.... if that wasn't enough.... we bark at everyone (males mostly) that has the nerve to walk around their house/ back yard....

So... I repeat - if I *ever* complain about quiet, sedate Kinta... please hit me over the head with something HARD!

Ok - so maybe they weren't that bad.... but she was on Speed yesterday... I swear ;-). But the day was fun, and there wouldn't be excitement if she wasn't a feral... right?!

Also went to see SPAMALOT on Saturday night and I highly recommend it to everyone! It was hilarious.... to put it mildly! Gotta love Monty Python!

ETA - and after all that - I think this is my 100th Post ;) ROFL!


Pinkeagle said...

Hey LP
I will remember this post when Spuds older and in his manic zoomie phase! Currently he seems to enjoy sleeping a lot. And cuddles. And humping his pink pig.

Anonymous said...

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