Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Murphy's Law

Hmmm.... where to start.....

Good news:

Got Kinta's hip scores back, and they were excellent. The way hip scores go - the lower the better, with 0 being perfect. Kinta's sire had an overall score of 11 (4:7 I think) and her dam 3 (1:2). I was personally expecting her to get a little higher than her dam seeing as her father has quite a high score (well, it's not really high, but in relation to the breed it is)... I was thrilled when I got her scores back as a total of 2 (1:1) which is fantastic! Overall international score of 0!!!! Yippeee!!!

Other news:

Had a show on Saturday, but did no good, only picking up RBCC. Was told that the judge likes strength which Kinta obviously lacks a little of. Birdie (Mazasuka Free as a Bird) picked up the challenge, and she is quite a nice bitch, so I didn't mind ;).

Went shopping on Sunday - with the intentions of *looking* for a video camera. I had a fair idea of what I wanted, prices etc. I'd also read a few reviews on the net, so wasn't going in completely blind. Set myself a budget and off we go. I wanted a pretty basic camera, easy to use etc, for filming my trials and training as well as use on holidays etc. I'd decided a mini-DV (tapes) was the way to go due to the fact that the format on the DVD versions were compressed and I was told, not as good quality and more difficult to edit (you need to edit to put onto youtube etc). This meant I was looking around the $370- $500 mark. Probably closer to the $500.... I tell you what - these things are most frustrating to shop for as they don't vary all that much in functionality and it's hard to test quality etc, since most don't let you plug it in and play around!!! Anyways - walked into Harvey Norman and they had a huge sale on. For $100 more they had a hard drive camera (saves directly onto hard drive, no tapes no nothing, so not forking out extra money throughout video's life span getting tapes etc all the time) on sale, which got me thinking that if you pay a little more, I get a much better quality camera, not to mention more convenient. Long story short, after shopping around etc, I was able to get a $1200 camera for almost 1/2 price, which is streets ahead of the mini DV cameras (they stopped improving technology on them years ago) and gives a much better picture quality etc. The zoom is not great (10x optical) but you would never really use much more than that anyway as it would start to distort the image. Read the reviews online and it sounds like it was a good buy (well i'd kind of figured that out already since someone told me I was lying that I could get it at that price!). Feeling a little guilty that I spent so much, but also glad that I got such a good deal. Well.... here it is:

Ok - so why Murphy?! Well... it seems I make a big expense and then everything goes up sh!t creek!!!! Sunday night I found on Leo a lump on the back of his neck - on further inspection, I got a puss ball out of it (ewww).... but that left a big gaping hole (ok, quite small really, but it was quite deep!)... We clipped the hair around it and washed it out with saline, but it was still looking pretty angry and yuk on Monday, so decided to take him to the vet (could be a foreign body stuck in there).... No matter I thought - had to pick up Kinta's hip scores anyway. Vet had a look and couldn't find any foreign body... so onto some antibiotics and if that doesn't clear it up, he'll have to go under GA to try and find it. Great! Just what I need. I asked vet to have a look at Leo's right hind leg too as last time he was at the chiro, they told me he pulled a hamstring (from tripping up the stairs)... I didnt' think it was properly healed, so wanted the vet to have another look. I was right, so he is now on 2wks crate rest for it to heal properly!!

Want more?! Ok - no problems! I got home yesterday to find my entry forms returned from the pet expo. You won't believe the reason! The entry form was too big!!! Yep, they didn't want my money, or my entry, simply because the piece of paper was too large. I mean FFS it's not like it was the size of a billboard and they needed a truck to load it in?! Plus, it was one I had printed off fro the VCA webpage!!!! They have also had my entry for a month, so lets not bother calling me to let me know and could I possibly mail them another entry form, nope, we'll just send it back without giving her enough time to re-enter! I guess it makes me more frustrated because a) it's the pet expo and I like showing there.... and b) I've been trial sec. now and have accepted ALL entries and know it isn't that hard (to enter one filled out correctly but the wrong size).... no matter if you have 1000 or 100.

Even more?! Sure - I've got a bag full! My contract for my job is ending soon, so spoke to my boss about it's renewal. Turns out that while they want to keep me, they only have enough funding to keep me on for one project.... so while i'm not overly worried (boss thinks he can work around it), it's still something to be concerned about!

So go away Murphy - leave me alone - you've done enough for one day!!! Oh and fingers crossed Leo's wound heals so he *doesn't* need surgery!!!!


Amanda O. said...

Yay on Kinta's hip scores! Sounds like fab news!

Pretty rotten about the entries being returned because of size... and off the VCA's site! :-/ I could understand putting a note in when they sent numbers or something but just returning them so late seems a bit harsh!

With Mister Leo's ouchie, ask the vet about maybe doing a betadine tea irrigation instead of just saline? Nukes the nasties, gets it all the way down there if it's a puncture type thing and might flush out anything in there. ::fingers crossed for him::

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