Thursday, January 17, 2008


OK - yet another brag post but nothing really new....

What *has* happened since the last time I wrote.... short answer - absolutely nothing outside of dogs! I really, really haven't done anything exciting... Unless you call sitting on the couch watching some Gilmore Girls and Greys Anatomy exciting :P. I had a full weekend of showing - Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. I missed the showing funnily enough. Friday night was excellent as Kinta pulled off a 9pt Bitch Challenge, Runner up Best of Breed and Junior in Group. We got knocked out for Junior in Show as the dog who got Runner up Best in Show was from the Junior class.... so the long and short is we waited around for 90 mins for no reason ;). We didn't get anything else the rest of the weekend, save a RBCC (reserve challenge..... *again*) on the Sunday. Overall I was pretty happy with Kinta's performance as she held her own, the judges giving her a good look in each time. They were also big classes with around 20 Aussies being shown each day. A good effort all round really. I'm also super excited by the way Kinta is turning out, she really is maturing quite a bit now... and all those fears I had last year seem a distant memory... what more could you want :). Photo from the weekend:

Ok - so why is this a brag post exactly? Well.... I had such a great year last year (2007), particularly with Leo - lots of successes as you have heard me mention countless times ;). Now who knows if we'll have another year like that. So I wanted to take a photo of my little man with his 2007 winnings (well... most of them, some are at work)....

First the rundown:

1 x 1st place.
1 x 2nd place
1x 3rd place
CD -
2 x 1st place
1 x 2nd place
1 x 1st place
1 x 2nd place
1 x 1st place
1 x 2nd place
1 x 3rd place
1 x 1st place
1 x 3rd place (& 1 3rd NQ)

And the photo - Leo with his loot:
And of course - what do I do when there are so many photos to choose from and I can't decide?! Post them all up of course!!! Maybe we should vote - which one is the best ;) ROFL!

Kinta of course doesn't have quite as good a track record since she is only showing... but 2008 might be her year! Question is.... where do I put all the sashes!!!

Ok - I'm sure you are all sick of my brags by now - so I guess I'll leave it at that until I can think of a more interesting post!!!! Please bare with me (or somehow make my life infinitely more exciting!) ;)

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Amanda O. said...

*throws confetti on you* You guys have done so well! The dogs look great posing next to their ribbons! As for what to do with the sashes, the lady I used to work for in Sharpei had an ace idea - she took all of Wagers BIS/BISS/Group ribbons and sent them to a lady who turned them into a wall quilt/hanging with a photo of the dog in the middle. Looked fabulous!