Sunday, May 11, 2008


Meet Mr Jojo (or Dodo as his mum likes to call him!)

Joey is Tracey's new pup who came for a visit to our place today.... we intended to go for a walk, but one thing led to another and we went shopping (boring stuff, groceries and mothers day shopping) and got stuck watching Greys Anatomy instead ;-). With Kinta away on a showing weekend with her '2nd family', Leo and Joey had some fun together. It really makes it clear that 3 can be a crowd, as Leo was a lot more playful with Joey since Kinta wasn't here... whereas he can be a bit of a snob when she is around *especially* if she doesn't feel like playing! LOL! Kinta is usually quite firm with Joey, so it was nice for the boys to just have some 'chillin' time.

So... here are some piccies!

Catch me if you can!

A ritual of Joey's - everybody needs a good teeth clean!
Leo "I believe I can flyyyy"
C'mon Leo (aka toy hog) .... share the toy!


PLEASE!!!!! (with a cherry on top?!)
Oh CMON!!!
Yep - it's official! Leo's a TOY HOG!
At least Auntie Amanda lets me have a go ;-)
Well - until next time -that's all folks!

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