Saturday, March 21, 2009

6 week pregnant photos

Well we've reached the 6wks mark - i actually took some photos inside last night, but as per usual *they* never turn out, so snapped some more today. In between going out for lunch and then coming home, she seems to have balooned spontaneously - so the first thing I thought of when i came home was "OMG she's bloated" seeing as *that's* the only thing that can cause a rock hard bulging stomach right?! After all the stress she's given me thus far - hey, anything can happen!!! While I am starting to enjoy the experience, I am INCREDIBLY stressed by it all and I will be a lot happer once the little ones are here. There is just SO much to think about and organise. Add to that the constant worry about Kinta's health also - I don't want to do anything that is putting HER at risk either. Fingers crossed the rest goes off without a hitch right?

Nothing exciting happening here lately - we're just having quiet weekends at home. Next Sunday I have my 5km fun run, so hopefully I can at least finish that in ok timing. Other than that, just enjoying the quiet time at home and preparing myself for the impending arrivals ;-).

Ok - Pics!

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