Friday, March 13, 2009

A photo challenge!

Well seeing as I have a new camera - I decided to enter a photography challenge for this month - I shall post my photos here as well and you can all enjoy my rather poor photography skills!

In no particular order:
A is for apples:

B is for Buddah:

C is for cuddles:

E is for Eyes:

is for flowers:
L for leaves:

T for tree:
S for Sad:
V for Vase:

for Watching:

As for the highs and lows since my last post?! Well Leo made the great start for 2009 - I am still awed at how consistent this little guy is.... my boy who I had little or no ambition to do well with and constantly put him down saying 'oh he's not *that* good'.... anyways - he picked up an Excellent Agility pass and a Novice Snooker pass as our first agility trial of 09. I don't think he'll be ready for UD just yet, and trialling for both dogs seems to be pushed back a fair bit for this year..... at least until the 2nd half of the year.

Kinta at her final show before motherhood, picked up a 10pt best of breed and was also shortlisted for best in group. This leaves us with only 15pts to go when we return to the ring. In less than a month, she picked up 40pts, which has left me on a major high!

Unfortunately for ME, our 'pregnancy' hasn't gone as smoothly as I would like. Discharge will be the end of me! Pregnancy was confirmed at 28days with a minimum of 4 pups on board..... back a week later with more discharge which was placenta - so one aborted pup. Tests show everything is ok, so we're hoping it was just a pup that wasn't meant to be and the rest of the puppies will be A-Ok. On the ultrasound, 4 puppies were still viable.... so I guess we just wait another 2 wks before the next ultrasound.... she's starting to look preggers now though (thought not visible on pics really!), which is a huge relief for me! My poor heart has been put through the blender this last week! Will post up photos later tonight :)

2wks preg (keep in mind she is fluffed for a show)
4wks pregnant and not in show pose:

5kws pregnant and starting to show (you can see it in person even if you cant' in photos ;) )

Keep in mind these are HORRIBLE stacked shots LOL!

I've also officially joined the 'twilight' craze!!! Up to book 3 now and powering through!!!! I LOVE them!

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