Sunday, March 29, 2009

A comedy of errors!

Ok well I have been gearing up the past few weeks to compete in this fun run around Jells Park - 5km circuit as a 'celebration' and I guess a statement of the fact that I CAN do it for completing my c25k (couch to 5km) program. All was well - had everything planned and checked the webpage last weekend reading that you pick race numbers up on the day etc,etc. During the week I was getting pretty nervous, but what the heck, so long as I don't finish behind ALL the walkers it can't be that bad right?!

So yesterday had a lovely day out in the AM picking up a few things for our impending whelping, and later going out with a few friends to train (well, gasbag and maybe fit some training around that ;) ). I was really pleased with Leo - he did really nicely - we did some GD box work (agility) and did some signals heelwork, gloves and a seekback. Not a bad effort seeing as we had about 5 dogs between us to put through in obedience and 4 for agility!

Came home and thought I better go and find out where we are meeting for this 'fun run' (I'm still questioning the word 'fun'?!) and what time. Go onto website where I got the details from - yup, 29th March... clicked on the link to find out more details (assembly point etc) and THAT website said 22nd March.....hmmmm.... that can't be right can it?!?!!? Continue to look around and it seems that there were results and such up already..... OH NO! Don't tell me I've missed it because some STUPID web page had the wrong date down?!?!!? See - I didn't do the entry as this was a gift to me from a friend but we still had March 29 stuck in our head ;). Anyway after a brief panic, we thought, well they could be LAST years results.... right?! So lets rock up anyway and see.

Had a difficult night sleeping so didn't fall asleep till the wee hours of the morning (read, 3am!) but I had my alarm set and ready to go. Dad comes into my room at 7:15am (wanted to leave by 7:30am) to see what time I was getting up. Huh - why didn't the alarm go off? I'm sure I set it?! Oh - that's because the smart a$$ phone decided to PRE -EMPT daylight saving ending and put my clock back one hour!!! Well THANKS, but you're a week early!!!!!

Jump out of bed, get ready and leave home at about 8am (it's ok - 20min drive, if it *is* on we'll still have plenty of time to get there).... well.... if you didn't think it was off Wellington Rd, instead of Ferntree Gully Rd.... Finally we pull in at 8:50am and dad says to me - maybe it's at the other entrance... but that's ok.... you can drive straight through to that entrance.... so around we go.... hmmm... hang on.... didn't we pass those doing thai chi like 2 minutes ago?! Ok so it seems like we CAN'T drive right through to Waverley Rd then...

By that we decided that we might as well just go for a run ourselves as it didn't *seem* like a fun run was happening today..... So off we trot at a nice jog.... then we can hear someone speaking over a loud speaker and whistles blowing... oh look - there's a cafe, we were meant to meet around a cafe. So I sprint off (haha - 5km run to do and I've just run for 5mins, and am running like heck to see if this is where the start point is and whether I can still join in!) but to no avail - can't see it anywhere... then we find out there was netball playing 100m away and hence the whistle/ loud speaker ;).

Ok - so the run was last week - lets just go for a jog already! Off we trot. Now anyone who knows Dad knows that he likes to try new adventures, and because of that so do I - see you can't run on the same track twice and you have to try and do a circuit. So we go off having no idea what path we are to take... we end up going down these tracks having NO idea where we are or where we will end up (see.... adventure!)... but that's ok - coz it's still a nice run anyway. After about 35mins of running we call it quits. I was pretty happy with our efforts, nice pace and I did a couple of faster jogs up a hill too ;). Leo was enjoying himself immensely (he was to be my cheersquad if it *was* on).... might as well head back to the car now...

Only since we were on an 'adventure'... it seems that we didnt' pay much attention to how we could get back *on* track and to our car. Sure, we got back to Jells park easy, went around the lake, went down a lane.... no this doesn't look right.... hmmm.... where do we go exactly?! See because we charged off to see what those whistles were too, it also threw us off track a bit.... So, after 30mins of walking around, trying to find the area we parked the car (and a few jokes about how amusing it would be for a search party to come out looking for 1 dog and 2 humans who were stupid enought to get lost in a public park and not even in the bush) we finally got back on track and where we wanted to go!!!!

So - a fun morning, but a comedy of errors I guess you could say ;).

I'll book myself into 2 more fun runs soon though. One at the end of April around Melbourne Uni/ Princes park (5kms) then I'll do the run to the G at the end of June (10k)... Hopefully I don't get THESE dates wrong!

Now - just to make sure you were reading through all of that - a prize at the end... Kinta's 7wk belly shot ;)

Leo of course, not to be outdone, thought it unfair for us to always be snapping pics of her belly and therefore *his* belly needed inspecting too!

You are most welcome to guess the number of pups *either* might be having ;)


Bonnie Parker said...

5 puppies in total - three girls(two blue merles, one blk tri), and two boys(all blk tri). :)

she's gorgeous

aussienut said...

you're mean :P

I want a BM boy :P

Kylie said...

hahaha sounds like you had an interesting day lol