Sunday, March 15, 2009

Photography Challenge continued.....

Some more shots from today. Am quite proud of some of these :D

Feel free to comment - would love to know what you think :D
C for cat's eyes:
P for Princess

G for green

K for Kitty Cat
N for new life
I for investigate
R for raindrops
M for memories
D for daring
O for Original:

H for Hydrate:

U for Unique

Q for quaint

J for 'just right'


Kylie said...

Wow some amazing shots there mate. You are really taking to the photography really well. I especially love K for Kitty cat, I for investigate and M for memories. Keep up the good work hun.

Kylie said...

oh and the raindrops one too lol

aussienut said...

tee hee - thanks :D