Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bad, evil thoughts......

Hiya guys,

Well a not so good ending to an otherwise relatively good *long* (with the exception of working yesterday) weekend! I can't remember where I left off my last post. I had an absolute ball at the Aussie Specialty on Saturday. It was great to see so many Aussies all in one place, as well as cheering on Leo's 'lil brothers and sisters. I also got my puppy fix (Thanks Amanda!) but unfortunately every time I tried to walk away with the gorgeous puppy I got busted :(. I still have my fingers crossed for good pups out of the litter i'm waiting on - hopefully there will be the *perfect* puppy there for me (female puh-lease!)! I had Leo entered in the de-sexed sweepstakes at the show and we came 2nd out of 3 dogs - not bad, but I was pleased with how he behaved - like a natural show dog.... i'm sure he loooved it in there as getting food was so easy - all he had to do was stand 'pretty' and get treats - how easy is that! In the other ring I go into I have to work to get the food! LOL!

Sunday was a day of dissapointments. I went out shopping in the morning to get some puppy things and other stuff I needed (ok, ok, wanted) but everything on my list was out of stock!!!! So I came out with nothing that I went in for! Grrr..... I then came home and set to work on cleaning my room - ah - doesn't sound like a hard task, but it hasn't been done in a VERY long time. Two reasons for this clean up - 1) I'm running out of space and need to actually SEE the entry and exit to the room, 2) hopefully finding my lost memory card that I bought for my brother. I turned the room upside down, emptied all drawers (even chucked out old clothes!), dusted everything and put stuff back in its rightful place..... result - no memory card :(.... nothing, nada, nowhere to be seen. I think I just have to face the music and admit that it is lost - perhaps the boogey man took it?!?!?

Well that brings us to today - the day when I was to get my CCD title (positive thoughts here!).... I was SOOO nervous before going in - I tried to tell myself - don't think about title - just go in and have fun.... went in - Leo did reasonably well - heeling was good, but not as good as heeling at Eastern (he went wide a few times) but he didn't miss any positions, held his SFE and did well on his recall - end result a score of 54/60 - GREAT! I thought - excellent - he should hold his stays - which means a pass of 94 (i'm happy with that!). He has been doing SOO well with his stays so far I thought what could go wrong..... went into ring for stays with peppy dog (good sign), sit your dogs (perfect attention), GSP breaks and hoons out of ring (bad sign), Leo maintains attention (good sign) - leave for sit stay (unbenowns to me dog stands then sits again), have dog barking next to us (kill, kill), Leo scratches multiple times and looks really stressed and not wanting to be there (bugger!), judge calls 'return' - Leo shakes and stands (oh $#&*!). Well we've blown it - so drop stays - same routine (minus running dog!) Leo stands when I leave, drops again and holds drop. *sigh*! What can you do eh? He just didn't want to be there and I think the combination of dog running off and sheltie barking just made him too nervous and me too nervous too! Well I guess we couldn't have made it 3/3, so we'll be back to try again on the 18th at Southern ODC, fingers crossed for this one, but I just don't know how to train for the stays as this is so out of character for him (hey - usually we just drop, not fidget!)...... Cest' la vie!

Ok - now that i've had my rant and shared my dissapointments, there really isn't anything more to tell! So keep good wishes coming my way re: CCD title AND the right puppy coming along!!!!


Michelle said...

oh bummer Amanda :-(
I'm so sorry the day didn't go to plan. Only a few weeks away to try again and I'm sure the wait will be well worth it and you guys will be CCD'd before you know it!!. It can be hard when you have such a close distraction. I think I got some great photo's of Leo, I took over 250 at the Specialty. Yikes, which means I have over 200 photos to sort through and process !! I'm my own worst enemy sometimes, got to learn to hit the button less lol. I'll email them to you soon.

Cabrissi said...

Aw bummer about your trial!!! What a stroke of bad luck! Ah well, there's always next time and now you've got something to keep you busy and take your mind off the puppy waiting - proofing for distractions! Clicker-L had a discussion about similar situations a few weeks back, which of course now I can't remember a lick of. May be worth asking someone to repost if you're on there?

Hope you find your brothers memory card. IME the surefire way to find a missing mem card is to give up and buy another one. As soon as you open the packaging and can't return it, you'll find the first.

aussienut said...

Thanks Guys! I'm sure we'll get there eventually and you will certianly hear about it!!!! LOL! Thanks for the piccies too!