Monday, November 27, 2006

Future flyball dog in the making!

I had a great day yesterday at Croydon for their Xmas breakup. Classes all ran at 9:30 and then we finished at 10 for some fun and games. Agility, flyball, lure coursing, rally-O etc was all set up for the dogs and handlers to have a go. I only did flyball and lure coursing. Would have liked to have a go at rally-O but never actually got there! Leo decided both flyball and lure coursing were fun to say the least and i'm sure he wouldn't mind having a go at it. I was told that I *must* sign Leo up for flyball! We had a good laugh at the poor guy. Most people were just walking their dogs over the jump but coz leo has done agility I got to leave him at one end and call him over the jumps. Leo had a blast and finished it at top speed (yep, fast coz he slammed into my knees!). So they decided to test him out again and put the ball infront of the box, showed Leo, we let him go and he FLEW through the jumps, about turned and FLEW back over the jumps to me! Was very amusing and I don't think either of us believed that he did it first off. Needless to say that Leo was very proud of himself. Hopefully we will be able to do this over summer when the Rockets keep up their practice either on Wed/Fri nites or Sat mornings. I'd really like to give it a go.... well flyball and herding and freestyle all ontop of obedience & agility.... did I mention that I was wanting to do this all with dog no 2 also... along with conformation! Whew!!! Right thats it, no more work... i'll just train my dogs instead!! Who wants to fund me doing this?!?!?! Anyone....

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