Saturday, November 25, 2006

Photos, Puppies & the rest!

Well first things first - Aussie Specialty photos!!

Thanks to Amanda and Michelle respectively for these piccies of my boy! There is no way I could have taken a pic just as good! You can also click here for some more piccies from the specialty! These were taken with another camera by me and I just got them today from Tracey whose camera I used. Leo's training has been going really well this week. We have been working on some distraction stuff (voting day wasn't all that useless after all!) with lots of kids on bikes, balls bouncing etc.... also changing the context to the stay. It seems to be working but I know that there is still a lot of work to do! Our heeling has also been getting a bit of practice and the past few days he has improved also. I tell you what - I am now of the idea that you can certianly 'overtrain' your dog as by giving him a bit of a breather inbetween practices sorta helps him to digest what we are doing as well as become more enthused when we actually do work. Dog number 2 will certianly help with this IMO.

Took Leo out for a walk (don't worry we usually do this 2xdaily!) yesterday with Sarah and her mutts. They had a ball but I was in stitches watching Leo amble around with these two. You let him off the lead and he can't believe his luck being allowed to play with other dogs. Then he follows them like a little kid not sure of what the game is but running because the other dogs are (ball was being thrown but Leo didn't see).... later Murphy was wondering about marking trees etc.... again Leo was being the little kid tailgaiting Murphy with the expression "whatcha doin?!".... was quite funny to see actually! Boy yesterday was MAD though. Got up late, went to NDTF to sign some papers (so yes, now I am a qualified full fledged dog trainer!!!), proceeded across the street to get haircut (time:10:30am) waited around for at least 1 hr or more until I got my haircut (very annoyed at this point, luckily I brought a book!).... ended up leaving at 12noon and I was meeting Sarah at 1pm 20mins away from me but in the other direction to where I was, and I had to squeeze lunch in there at some point! argh! Also ended up running late for Jewellery party in Cranbourne that night coz I forgot how much organising I had awaiting me at home that needed to be done before going out! LOL! Jewellery party ended up being really good - got a few bits and pieces.... they seemed really good quality etc... and I got sucked in to book a party of my own :P.... well I did see quite a few pieces that I thought mum would like so it didn't seem like a bad idea!!!! Ended up coming home later than expected and flomped into bed!

Today was another pottering about, lazy day which was good, but not as lazy as I would have liked! Went to see puppies again (skye x ben) as other breeder was not free this weekend (after ASCV breakup... finally!!!!). These guys are 7wks old now and oh so CUTE!!! There is nothing like watching 7 gorgeous puppies zooming around the yard like hooligans! The black tri bitch that was standing out last time I saw them, was still catching my eye and repeatedly coming up to say hello - very people orientated! I was honestly interested in her, but found out that she was promised to a family in Tassie :(. Turns out she isn't quite as good conformation wise as Tracey would like and for a foundation bitch wouldn't be suitable *sobs*. But having said that her temperament was perfect! I now officially can't wait to see Ana's litter next week (I think they will be 5-6wks old then) and hopefully there will be something conformation and temperament wise that suits! Was thinking about it today and realised that I honestly wouldn't mind if I got another 'Leo' as a pup in terms of activity level.... in fact i'd be quite happy.... I mean you couldn't ask for a better adjusted, better tempered dog and it is fantastic to have a dog that will flomp on your feet while you watch TV and be perfectly happy, yet when you take out and about is go, go, go. Also thinking about it I think that in terms of a dog 'thinking' for itself, looking for something to do and being 'smart' comes down a lot to how and what you train. If you teach a pup to think for itself (which this one will and Leo never did) then they will grow up always looking for something to do. Of course genetics does play a role, but I think environment and early learning plays a very big role too. So hopefully there will be a pup for me in the litter i'm seeing next weekend!!!!

Tomorrow is the last training day for CDODC. I am sorta looking forward to the break, but I guess our break won't start until after the 10th Dec which is our last trial for the summer. I really hope we get the title at this one, but I am trying not to think about it as that will just put too much stress on me again. But in all honesty, I think we will succeed given the fact that already he is more confident in his stays and we certianly aren't going to stop practicing now!!!

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