Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween & trial results

Well after reading Amanda's halloween post - my 'halloween' party sounds rather futile. Your comments about America in the autumn make me want to jump on a plane and get over there right away! No fair! LOL!

Went to a halloween party on Saturday night which was great fun - I dressed up as a Japanese Geishia (minus the white on face - too lazy to go that far!). The idea came to me after a day/afternoon of 'op shopping' with Kylie trying to find something - none of us found anything except trashy clothes that no-one would wear. Initially I wanted to come as Anne of Green Gables in light of the recent trip, but I couldn't find anything. I then came across a kimono in my cupboard from a Japanese student we had while I was still in primary school. needless to say that didn't quite fit me anymore, but Mum had a nice red/white one to wear. I put that on with a flower in my hair and it seemed to do the trick :D. As for photos - you're going to have to wait for Kylie to hurry up and send them to me!!! hahaha!

Had our trial on sunday and WE PASSED!!!! Which means we got our 2nd pass (out of 3 needed) toward our CCD title - our first ever title we will have achieved!!!!!! We came out with a score of 92 and second place (by one point!!!). I was thrilled with the way he worked (save a few errors he shouldn't have made) and I hope that he will work just as well on Tuesday at our next trial (cup day - the first one in like 5 years I can enjoy since I don't have an exam the next day!).

I am very excited about this weekend - I have the Aussie Specialty on Saturday (Leo entered in de-sexed sweeps) and trial on Tuesday. Saturday usually turns out to be a great day out and I am really looking forward to it. I'm also looking forward to getting a puppy (hopefully) by the end of the year and can barely contain myself..... since i've come back from holidays everything seems to be happening and i'm honestly having a ball. The weather is also putting me in a good mood - reminding me of the summer that is to come. At last we have daylight saving which means LONGER walks with the pooch!!! Such fun! He is also 'happier' - I don't know why but I can notice a difference and he just seems more sprightly in the summer. Doesn't it just put everyone in a good mood????

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Cabrissi said...

Just wanted to say 'good luck' for tomorrow and your upcoming trial, hopefully by next week you guys can type a CCD after his name! :-)