Monday, November 13, 2006

The joys of puppy breath!!!!!!

Haha - it has turned out to be quite an eventful weekend :D! But I am officially a broke lady!! LOL! I went out again on friday to do some shopping for bits and bobs (I swear coming back from holidays and re-stocking is expensive not to mention all of these puppy things!!!)..... so if anyone wins tattslotto in the near future can you please gimme half *smiles pretty*?!?!??! I re-stocked Leo's 'meat supply' on Friday and spent the whole afternoon mixing, packaging and cutting up his Mince and dog treats for training..... I also had a whole bunch of carcasses - the ones from Leonards must be on hormones because they were HUGE!!! LOL! I kinda 'over estimated' how big our freezer was though and it is kinda a little stuffed now..... not ideal when xmas is coming and mum probably needs the space *blushes*!

Saturday I spent the entire day out with Kylie shopping (ok, probably not the best choice when you are trying to budget, but we couldn't think of anything else to do)! Well I thought of an ulterier motive of searching for xmas/birthday presents - came out with a few ideas, but didn't buy anything yet. We did go shopping in the city which was very exciting considering I had to drive! I am so proud of myself - navigating around the city :D! Unfortunately though we did find the worlds most expensive car parking area :-O - but with the Myer windows unveiling (forgot that was on when we planned this!) I didn't want to circle around and we went straight in. Of course walking around the city after that meant that we kept passing parking for half the price of what we paid :(. We were going to stay in the city for dinner also but by around 4:30 we were all shopped out and not all that hungry so headed home. Ended up bludging infront of the tele for the rest of the nite. Was good fun, with the exception of the DVD player chucking a hissy and deciding that it would not play Wimbledon for me (nope Kylie it still wont...grrr... all that talk about your DVD player not working must have transferred!).... So we had to settle for watching something else instead!

Sunday actually turned out also to be a busy day - I had training in the morning - Leo did well but again didn't seem all together comfortable in his stays. First sit-stay he held but had a scratch midway, and also thought about lying down but decided against it..... So I thought i'll let him do another one - he was going much better, but a dog broke next to him (to get to agility) and stood right next to his nose.... he tried to resist but after about 5 seconds couldn't handle it any longer and broke also :(:( - what do you do if that happens in a trial anyway?!?!? Unfortunately I couldn't repeat the stays because I had to run off and take my class. But of course before I did all of this I got to sit down and cuddle Amanda's gorgeous Hope while she was training Sierra (hahahaha)..... I swear i'm going to stalk you two (Amanda & Nic) until I get my own....hmm... then i'll still probably stalk you!

I have been listed to do an 11am puppy class which started on Sunday. It was tonns of fun and I really enjoyed myself. I got through everything and didn't feel that I rushed or missed anything out -much easier when they are coming from puppy preschool. I even had time at the end to go through general problem solving for puppy problems which I like to do at the end of class as usually everyone is fighting with the same issues! They seemed to appreciate that! I honestly enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would - I guess the break has made training all fun again :).

Went from Croydon to the blue cross open day - this was quite good and a bit of fun, but only stayed for a few hours. Leo of course got the usual comments "oh what type of mix is that", "what a stunning dog".... but there was a fellow Aussie owner/ breeder there so there were also quite a few that knew Aussies which was a nice change. Got talking to Tracey (breeder, Elzcot Aussies) and ended up having an impromptu visit to her place for some puppy breath. She has 7 puppies (4 gals, 3 lads) sired by Leo's dad (Ch Tajwen Divine Indulgence CD) and a HevnSent girl Skye (HevnSent......*insert here*... angel ). The puppies were gorgeous (aren't all puppies?!) and I really liked a few of the girls (typical me, I was told that these were the 2 picks at the moment :P)..... Interest in this litter because both parents are very drivey, fizzy dogs which is what i'm looking for, but because they are an outcross from Leo's lines i'm really interested to see how they turn out. As fate would have it, the mother of the pups, Skye is actually litter sister to the mother of the last HevnSent litter that was bred when I was looking for Leo (Bridget's mum).... definately keeping my eye on this lot... but how do you choose which dog is the right one for you???? Hopefully i'll get to see these pups again as they get older and also go and see Ana's litter.

Well that is my weekend. Busy, busy, busy - but of course all in the name of fun, which is what it should be! Now that i've tasted puppy breath I am quite excited about my puppy coming along, but as to where/who from or even when, I honestly don't know! So long as it has the right temperament and attitude to what I want!

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Cabrissi said...

Ohhhh... sounds like a tempting litter! What a time you'll have of it making a choice! X_X

I guess draw up a list of traits you want, find who matches that and let Leo meet them! Whichever puppy you get, you're going to end up SURE you got the very best one you know! ;-)

PS You know that once you get one, we'll just end up stalking each other's puppies! LOL