Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Back to work today :(. Whats worse is I feel really tired/ out of it today! Hope everyone had a great NY by the way! I spend NYE at a friends place playing Cranium and Risk (two of the best board games around!). Was heaps of fun and we ended up winning *vbg* - just goes to show that girls are smarter than boys.... even boys who are freakishly good at spelling backwards, forwards and knowing definitions! Woke up on New years day feeling utterly exhausted so decided to cancel on going out for a picnic and stayed home to re-coop before work instead. Ended up spending the WHOLE day on the computer!!! I ended up getting a computer game (don't worry, I rarely play comp. games!) from Pizza Hut - Sims 2. I've been waiting ages to get this, but when I eventually bought it, over a year ago it didn't work. so I decided to try this one again. Well it worked... so I spent the whole day mucking around on it and getting my sim a nice house (I didn't cheat for all of 5 mins!), married and a family! Kylie - I know you warned me, but man this game is addictive!!!! I did have to laugh though at the "woo hoo" option :P. Problem is, you are meant to fill their wants etc.... and mine has decided (after having twins) that she wants 10 kids.... uh, yeah, right.... she can't even take care of 1! LOL! Anyway it is a very amusing and addictive game..... wasted a whole day on it!!!

Both dogs are still going well... I feel really out of it also in this department as I haven't done much training with Leo, giving him a break, but methinks he doesn't want a break anymore as he has put on the sulks again, miserable that Kinta is getting attention. I've been also working on her toy drive which is working really well and she wants the toy, just doesnt' want to bring it back!! Definately more of a tug dog than a retrieving one :P. But we'll get there! She has a stubborn streak too (like all females) and loves to look at you and say 'sit... whats that?!". Her show training is going ok, but we are nowhere near mustering a freestack yet.... our first show should be interesting! Leo has been more himself of late, back to his wiggly self, but definately woke up on the wrong side of the crate this morning :P. Unfortunately he also picked up kennel cough so I have been limited with where I can take him to unfortunately :(. I hate the fact that sometimes I will take one out and leave the other at home though - I feel so mean!

I've also updated my website to include a "Kinta" page if you want to check it out: here.

oh and a movie recommendation for anyone interested: The Holiday - Kate Winslet & Cameron Diaz. It's a really good chick flick - best i've seen for a while! There have been a lot of dodgies out lately so it was refreshing to see a good one!!!!

Thats all from me!


Kylie said...

haha yeah my sims have also decided that they want ten kids......so far they are up to seven so they are getting close lol.
Dont worry they are not all living at home a few of them have moved to college hehe. Every time she pops another one out they go try for a new baby haha ..she has a job but she is always on maternity leave so she never actually works haha.

aussienut said...

oh man - your sims are almost as randy as mine :P :P.... see what a bad influence I am!!!! How on earth do you control 7?!?! And don't the parents get old at some stage???

Kylie said...

hehe yeah they would get older but i keep making them drink that potion stuff that slows their ageing because i want them to get to their goal of ten kids lol.

aussienut said...

LOL - ok What is that potion? Is it in the basic Sims?? Oh and what is the cheat so that you can delete stuff like 'flood' and your sims and dirty dishes? It was "move objects on" in the last one!!!