Monday, January 15, 2007

New Layout, Weekend and stuff!

Another weekend over, another bunch of shows gone! Luckily this time it was a leetle closer to home (well... kind of!). Kinta behaved beautifully again and this time Leo got to come along and of course get cuddles and spoilt by everyone (coz he of course didn't have to stay clean etc, so he was out and about, scabbing food as per usual!). I swear if this dog was human he'd be one of those super hunky athletic men that chat up all the women and have a swarm of them following him :P!!! Kinta had the same results as last time coming first in her class, but nothing in group. This was her last show however in Baby puppy and next week she will be up with the 'big kids' in Minor, which entitles her to points! Also got to meet up again with Amanda and see how much 'little' Hope has GROWN! Man, that girl is like a weed!!!! LOL! Amanda also got to meet Kinta for the first time, who decided she didn't need to introduce herself and climbed right into her lap (dog, not human)! I swear that dog knows 'doggie people' when she sees them *ggg*! She was a little 'concerned' about Nic, but would still allow him to pat her and hey, he had the food so couldn't be all that bad *g*! With bubba Laurent, she would lick his hand, back off, lick, back off etc :). Still, no real shying away which is a BIG improvement. Downside is that she tends to be VERY reserved if i'm not there. One of our friends walked into our yard (from inside the house, we were home, this person not overly doggy) and Kinta barked at her and as soon as I came out, she jumped all over Nancy *sigh*! Still, better than before :). Since the show was at KCC park I decided to stay with my friend who lives about 5mins away from the park *g*! Had a great time with Kylie Fri nite and was introduced to 'SCRUBS'..... methinks I could get hooked on that show quite easily! Went back from the show Sat arvo to Kylie's but ended up leaving earlier than I intended due to me being no fun and falling asleep while watching Scrubs (well.... almost!)... Still feel really bad about that mate, feel like such a scab, eating lunch and leaving *blushes*! The dogs spent the night (obviously) at Kylie's also and it was interesting to 'watch' Kinta (out in the yard).... at night she would bark at Kylie's parents - scary shadows walking around (didn't phase me, sometimes shadows make me jump too!).... but the funny thing was on Sat morning, she'd run up to the fence to say hello to Kylie's dad, shunned away, then thought about it again and jumped all over him (confused look on my face!).... interesting huh?!

Anyways, I was going to take the dogs out again on Sunday, but was too tired, so spent some of the day (ok, ok, most) playing the Sims 2 again.... hehe - it was fun! My family have 4 kids now and man it is hectic.... teenager who wants a boyfriend, twins who apparently need more love and attention in their 'childhood' and a new baby.... I swear!!!! LOL. Then spent the rest of the day/night on the couch watching Gilmore Girls with mum. We finished ssn 4 and OMG she is hooked (I was at the first episode!)! I'm going to have to 'work hard' to keep up with mum! I swear the show is so addictive, although don't particularly like Rory at the moment :P.

I've also done a new 'layout' with the blog. On the RHS (cant figure out how to get it onto the LHS), I have my 'profile' as well as details about my training with the two dogs (feel free to offer advice etc, if need be), books i'm reading etc. When I finish a book, I also plan to write a little about it in the blog..... that is if there is anything interesting to say! Let me know what you think!

Ok - so for the book front, I've just finished Anne #4 which is an old 'favourite'. This particular book was the 2nd last one written in the series. LMM wrote it as her fans were begging for more 'Anne' books and she needed the money. So the order the books were written was 1,2,3,5,7,8,4,6. LOL - looks confusing eh?! Apparently LMM never liked writing sequels so by this stage she was *over* Anne. She also stated in one of her letters/journals, that she felt at the start of this book that she hadn't quite connected with Anne again.... not until later in the book.... I guess a case of writing out of necessity rather than willingness. It shows though... the book doesn't have the same flavour as her others. But then about 1/2 way through it picks up again. I still enjoy it, but nowhere near as much as her others. Suprisingly enough, book 6 is one of my favourites... I guess LMM found her little 'Anne niche' again *g*! I really should sit down and read her journals now that I have them all. They would be so interesting and depressing at the same time, but I am *dying* to find out more about her life. The next book i'm reading is Jodi Picoult 'Perfect Match'... I've always wanted to read 'her sisters keeper', but Mum bought this book for me and hey, it was sitting on my shelf. It is going to be a book that hooks you in I think, yet quite confrontational. I think i'll like it coz it will get you to 'think' about what is morally right etc. It is about a lawyer who finds out that her son has been sexually abused.... need to read more to find out!

Anyway in the way of movies, i'm dying to see 'Persuit of Happiness' and 'Miss Potter' mainly, so if anyone wants to see these flicks, let me know and i'll tag along.... particularly on cheap A** Tuesdays!

Just added some pics from the weekend taken by the Richardson crew! Doesn't Kinta look all grown up! Leo looks just as spunky as ever :). One of the better stacked shots I have of him.

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Cabrissi said...

Congrats on your win again Amanda! Kinta looked like a pro out there and posing for her photos and is such a sweetie! I can totally see Leo being one of those flirty hunks... he's such a schmoozer! Fair warning about Scrubs: it IS addictive but if you've already seen it, it's probably too late to warn you really! ;-p Like the book idea and format changes... but ya forgot to change your header from 1 Aussie to 2 Aussies! And yes, if we get a place with sheepies, Leo and Kinta are most welcome to come play Chase The Woolies! ;-)