Friday, January 19, 2007

Strange feelings... even stranger rambling

I'm feeling very weird today and you're probably going to laugh at me when you hear why!! Came home last night to find out that my Mum is completely hooked on Gilmore Girls!! LOL. What cut my goat though is that she has surged ahead of where I am and started watching the rest of season 5 without me, when I told her not to..... for some reason this made me really annoyed! I guess it is because 1/2 of this season has never been aired on TV and i'm dying to watch it!! LOL! Anyway we had an interesting discussion last night about why we think the season is going the way it is (I am a bad person and keep checking up on the net what is happening ahead of time - to me this doesn't *really* ruin it as I don't know how or why one thing happens, just that it does). Mum thinks that Rory has made a concious decision that she no longer wants to be part of the 'working life' per se (ie: what her mother has worked so hard for, and struggled for the past 20 years to be independent from her overpowering blue-blood parents). Mum believes taht Rory no longer wants to be part of that and conciusly chooses to allign herself with her grandparents and their lifestyle etc (Kylie... don't you DARE let anything slip about who is on the right track here... even if we are both waaaay off!). I disagree as I don't think that Rory is that low or could turn her back on her mother that quickly - not saying that their relationship is ruined, but lets just say it has seen better days. I personally think that when a college friend said that she "has not lived life" yet or done anything daring, had any adventure, Rory sat back and thought about it and realised it was true. I think this said character, Logan also appealed to her and deep down she wanted to do something daring... coz lets face it - her mother lived a fairly 'wild' life before Rory was born (otherwise she would never have been!) and Rory doesn't want to always be the 'good kid' etc. Anyway thats my opinion and my *must analyse all movies and books* coming out! I'd be interested to see if my theories are correct.... or close to... I have a lot, but in my mind everything has to end up happy as I can't bear sad 'endings' or the things turning out the way that I didn't plan them to etc. So I can't bear the thought of the Gilmore's not talking to each other etc..... oh and just for the record... Yep, I do know it is just a TV show *vbg*! I just like the issues that they deal with :).

But watching Rory change got me thinking..... Rory reminds me a lot of myself, particularly in the earlier episodes. Not saying i'm quite as nutty as her and hey, i'm probably far more outgoing than her.... but the fact that she likes quiet nights at home... doesn't go out much.... doesn't want to go out if it isn't with her close friends etc. She doesn't go out on the 'piss' each weekend and she doesn't want to sleep with every guy she meets. Ok, lets face it, she has had much more success on the guy front than I have had :P. She loves to read, is fairly 'secluded' to an extent and well... doesn't cause her mother too much heartache or worry about you know, the usual stuff... drugs, sex and booze. LOL! But then it also occured to me, that I also didn't have much of a 'college' life, I went to my classes, hung out a little with my friends at uni and then came home. I didn't do any daring stunts, go to wild parties etc, coz frankly, most of the time I don't want to. But I also don't want to fly through life and have no stories to tell. Be so straight and boring and never be able to say that anything interesting ever happened to me! Mind you, that doesn't mean that I want to go out and party like an animal tomorrow night, but it does get me thinking..... am I missing out on something here? The thing is that I want to go out and socialise etc, but I am not really a fan of the pub and sleezy men hitting on you all the time. Heaps of fun going out and being silly with a large group of friends etc... but whenever I do go out with them, something always happens to ruin the night (eh Kylie!)... It's weird, but I can't explain it, it kinda puts a damper on everything... I hate organising stuff, particularly 'late night prowls' because I don't know the places where to go. I want to go out and meet new people, be crazy and have some fun in my life again (hey, I still do, but it is not the same fun... if ya saw me at uni days you'll know what I mean!). But I aint a big fan of clubs and pubs. Go... yeah, I'll go, but I never organise the days, and it never is as much fun as I expect. I can never think of anything else to do, where I can meet other people..... ok, starting to feel very hermit-like at the moment :P.

Isn't it weird.... watching the GG episodes really got me thinking that I *want* to live a spontaneous life for a while..... but I have one friend that will join in on me and my spontenaety. Everyone else is at different stages, different circles etc... lets just say.... i'm in a weird mood today. I want to live like a teenager and go wild and do all the things teenagers are supposed to, yet the other half of me is saying that it is just not me and I shouldn't do all those crazy things! Don't worry. i'm checking myself into a mental institution later today :)

Ok and after all of those ramblings I just remembered I had really cool pics to post!

I just love these Leo shots - doesn't he just look so stunning!!! LOL! Kinta on the other hand is just giving you the look "Just let me eat!".... pity that is the only time she can actually sit still :P. Oh and a rare even of having both dogs.... sitting still..... together!!!


yanjunj said...

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Kylie said...

Hey i know exactly what u mean about wanting to live it up lol. Funny i got the exact same feeling after watching that season. Man we need to get out more lol.

I also feel like we never really experienced the "uni life" while we were at uni. But i swear we never really had the time to go to the pub after uni or any of that stuff .....maybe if we had of lived on campus it woulda made the partying side come out more lol. But i always had to get home after uni to get to work or something and i know you did too a lot of the time.

Hey i will go out and party like an animal tonight if you want haha i am dying for a girls night out. Hey i might even organise it myself if i get desperate enough. hahaha shock horror organsie something???? hehe.
The next 2 weekends tho i am working at 5:45 in the mornings so i dont like my chances of getting out the next few weeks...sux to b me lol.

Anyway i obviously caught the urge to ramble from you cos i could keep writing here all day lol. But i wont ;)

Catchya later mate.

Cabrissi said...

It appears rambling is contagious today... ;-p

I think your post almost word for words mirrors several of my diary entries in places, in regards to staying in, being rather introverted, not having the whole 'college' experience, enjoying the party-scene etc. and feeling like I didn't want to go through life without a few wild, really-living-to-the-max moments.

At the same time it's really not my thing and when I tried it, I just felt vaguely awkward, could never say anything clever, never enjoyed it like the others. I think I had this feeling like because everyone else seemed to enjoy it, I ought to 'get it' and live that scene or I'd be missing out on an important experience. Ultimately though, I think it was less the scene I wanted and more my perception of what it represented, which I decided I could do my own way. I decided to just be unappologetically myself and simply focus on living the kind of life I wanted, with my own brand of 'interesting' pursuits, I've found over the past few years I've really sort of come into myself yk? Totally without intending to, I've managed to accumulate a fair few stories. (I'm actually hoping 2007 is rather boring, I've had enough 'interesting' times for the moment...) Ironically, now that I've let go of it, I've found I'm actually a lot more relaxed, enjoying it better into it when I do go out to bars or pubs or other things that aren't really "me" naturally. When I do come up with a get together, which no - still isn't a bar scene as first pick, I've pretty much been told I've got neat, unique ideas. O_o (I usually resist looking astonished and asking, "Really? I do?") I think most of my friends at the moment are people I never would have predicted I'd have anything in common with or really tried to get to know probably. And the really weird thing... they think I'm the one who's had a rather fun, weird, cool, full-tilt life and have said they admire me for going after what I want. Go figure... accidentally cool. Blows my mind as I still think I'm rather a whiney geekish person! ;-)

aussienut said...

LOL - well all I can say is thank god i'm not the only one!!!!

aussienut said...

LOL - well all I can say is thank god i'm not the only one!!!!