Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend & more

Hmm.... so a pretty quiet weekend for me... thats a change! I actually had a chance to get bored!!!! Friday I spent the day getting ready for the Jewellery party that night. I told mum that i'd bake something (ok, ok, up off the floor now!!)! Shock hey! Decided to go all out and make a caramel slice. The suprising part is that it actually turned out WELL and tasted NICE (didn't it Kylie, eh, eh!!). I was as stunned as the next person :P.... who'd have thought that I of all people would have inherited my mothers flare for cooking. Well anyway... don't get used to it coz i'm sure this cooking flare is going to be few and far between :). Well the Jewellery party was a hit and I actually got some really nice stuff. I seriously need to go out and 'paint the town red' now, as I have soo many nice clothes and accessories that they need to be worn! I've even taken to 'over-dressing' (something I never do as i'm far too self-conscious!) just so I can wear my outfits. Anyways, I have to wait a couple of weeks before the jewellery comes, so i'll get to show it all off then. All in all it was a pretty good night and it was nice to catch up on all the goss.

Saturday - ahhh... it was so nice to have a sleep in! Got up late (didn't even have to walk the dogs - mum and dad did!) and then went shopping with mum to get a birthday present for her 2yr old 'god-daughter'. Hmmm... mum asking me for advice.... Anyways tried on some clothes while I was there, and shock horror.... by some strange reason I have dropped a dress size :-O. Don't know what spurred that on - i'm still eating as much and as unhealthy as ever. Must be all that 'Gilmore Girls' watching I did in the past few weeks ;). Either way, who am I to argue with the manufacturers! But here comes the next shock - I didn't buy anything! I didn't like anything when it was on... I know, after my spending spree's the past few months i'm shocked!
Sat night was a night out with some 'uni' mates although a lot ended up being a 'no show'. Went to see 'In Persuit of Happyness' which was a resonably good movie. Nothing to rave on about, but not dissapointing by any means. I thought good 'ol Will Smith did a good job. It is quite a confronting/sad movie, but a good ending.... always needed, I *hate* movies with bad endings.... and I like them to all end happy.... particularly this one :). But I was suprised to see in the movie an..... AUSSIE starring! LOL! There is a scene in the park where the kid is playing in the playground. In the background there is a person throwing a frisbee to a black tri aussie :). Trust me to pick that out! anyways, it was a good night out, good catch up, but since a few couldn't make it I think we might be going to see another movie later this week.

Today I went to Port Melbourne to a dog beach down there. Just for something different as i'm beginning to get *so* sick of the walks around us.... me and the dogs! It was a nice area for them to run, but the wind was a little strong so Kinta's ear aswell as Leo's were pricking and flopping everywhere, which ruined a few piccies :P. The water was also quite choppy so neither were all too keen on going too deep in the water. Actually, thats a lie - Kinta did go in deep but proceeded to get 'dumped' by the waves. Funniest sight I have seen.... She looked hillarious when she came back up with such a shocked look on her face! Anyways, i've attached some pics down below. I've decided that on the weekends i'm not showing, we'll take the dogs somewhere nice, either in the city or surrounds... just for a change of scenery for them and me.... boy these dogs really do get out and about!

I've been slowly getting back into the swing of things re: training the dogs. I still have to train myself to remember that Kinta is young and 'untrained' as i'm still slipping into the mode of training her the same level I do Leo - expecting more and for longer periods. Her poor little brain can't handle it. At least on the upside, training her has made me more aware of how to make training fun for Leo. Because he is so biddable, I often forget to razz things up a bit for him. Oh, and of course the fact that Kinta is sooo *easy* to razz up! Leo is sooo dim-witted when it comes to 'free shaping'. He just doesn't offer anything unless there is an object around. He is fantastic with objects, but to do something on his own.... nup! All he offers is drop, back and cover his eyes. So I decided to reward the drop and wait and see... he ended up nodding his head and laying to the side (ie: the "i'm sorry" look!). At least it gave me something to reward other than him standing there! LOL! Kinta is getting the picture and offers a lot more than Leo. I've been working on 'rear end awareness' with her, getting her to put her two front feet on a paving brick and will later get her to move her butt (back legs) around.... this has worked soo well with Leo (for left turns etc). ATM, we are only up to shaping the front feet onto the brick :P. For the both, i'm also trying to 'teach' a better 'heel' position - closer to me etc. Seems to be working. Got the idea from a Richard Curtis DVD I have recently recieved (Amanda, did you want to check this out, it is about freestyle... "puppy to performance" it is called!). Don't worry - I haven't been wearing my poor doggies out... just doing little bits and pieces. Oh and cool news - Leo has a new trick! He can now "SAY YOUR PRAYERS"!

On the job front- still nothing biting.... I think it is that time of the year, but I *really* want a proper job where i'll be using my brain and not doing everything on 'auto-pilot'.... I swear, the longer I stay in this job, the stupider and less motivated i'll come out!


Yes, she is sleeping on a drink bottle!


Amanda O. said...

Ohhhh... we know that beach! LOL Cool photos of Leo and Kinta! Has she got a bit taller or is it just because she's wet she looks like it? The (I think) 8th pic of Kinta bounding into the waves is fab! (I've gotta say though, Leo looks like a serious goober in the third

aussienut said...

LOL thanks! I love the one of Leo jumping in mmid-air too; trying to attack the other dog :P. I think Kinta *has* grown... sometimes I look at her and think - argh! you are almost a big dog! What on earth is a 'goober'?

Kylie said...

Hahaha the third pic with leo sticking his tongue out is my favourite lol.... he looks so funny and cute.

I'm sorry i didnt come on saturday night ....i feel bad now :( especially after u made it at knox so i could come. But if i had come i would have been late and i would have fallen asleep in the middle of the movie hehe.

We definately have to go out for a night on the town soon.... i also have so much new stuff i wanna wear but cant cos they are too dressy. Plus i am dying for a good night out cos it has been too long since the last one

Amanda O. said...

A goober is a sweet, well intentioned but oblivious goofball. Don't worry, it IS a term of endearment! According to google it's apparently both a doofy relative of Gomer Pyle amd derived from the Bantu word (ng)guba which means peanut. Also refered to in our house as a Super Duper Uber Goober, Goober Meister and Goober-Head. Usually goobers are male but Sierra is an exception to that rule and is frequently Gooberific.

There, now aren't you glad you asked? ;-)

aussienut said...

LOL - that is hillarious! I love it. Leo is definately a goober :). Yep, glad I asked, you've just given me a new nickname for him :P