Monday, February 12, 2007

Counting down the days :)

So, what have I to tell?? I've gone back to all of my 'dog sports' (happy, happy, joy, joy). Leo was *v-e-r-y* happy to be back at agility, but has also shown us that he still needs a bit of work in a few areas:
  • Entrance to the weavers from another obstacle
  • Running ahead of me (am going to use a touch plate for this)
  • The blasted dog walk and see saw - confidence building.
  • Stupid handler learning how to count (that 3rd obstacle comes b-e-f-o-r-e the 6th!)
  • Picking up speed!!! Usually helped by handler being less confused and more animated :P
  • Serpentines - had our first go on Wed night (in our new class, where he did very well I am pleased to say, and kept up with everyone :D :D :D!).
All of these are fairly minor and my main concerns are the running ahead of me, dog walk and weavers entry. The dog walk is my main concern as he is still very *concerned* about it, and will stop on the ascent to think if he really wants to keep going... problem is that he sometimes slips on the top because he is shaky. Nothing a bit of super dooper yummy food wont fix as well as going a little steadier! I took Kinta to agility on Tue night and she has since decided that barking whilst tethered is a GREAT idea *humph*! She was soo stimulated by everything and decided that the had something to say about Mum taking her brother out and playing with him, not to mention leaving her all by herself when there was fun to be had!

As for obedience - Leo was 'off with the fairies' to say the least!!! Then I remembered that despite the fact there were many distractions, we hadn't done any 'on lead' practice for around 2 months. Asked if we could do some heeling 'off lead' and he was really good!!! So back the dreaded 'on lead' practice (grrr)! We practiced some Novice stuff also, and the silly git when asked to do a drop from distance SAT! So more practice there also! His Stays were FANTASTIC!!! Not a look of worry, perfectly confident, despite sitting between two dogs that frequently drop in their stays. This new stance of mine really seems to work :D!

I have entered Leo in 3 obedience trials in March. A double trial and another one a week later. My theory is that by entering 3, i'll be much less stressed since i'll have another one where I can get my pass in the arvo/next week, so then i'll pass!! LOL! Strange theory but it may work! I am finally *fairly confident* though and am trying to stay positive! Can't say much for our FIRST AGILITY TRIAL on Friday night though (look at the above-mentioned problems!).

Kinta had her first class in Basic 1 and did brilliantly. It wasn't hard stuff - just some sits and Loose lead walking. But EVERY time I called her name (which I really need to use, it has fast become "kitakins" or "kita" as opposed to "KINTA" *gg*) she would leave the dog she was sniffing and surge back to me!!! Also had some very nice sit-at-side... trying to work on position now (I am sure class members were wondering what I was doing as i'd ask for a sit (and she would), but I would say 'uh uh' and get her up again and then she'd sit and be rewarded... I had some strange "huh?!" looks from people. I was also able to walk a circle around Kinta without her moving from her sit (looove clicker training!) and she was totally focussed on me the whole time! Leo was NEVER like that at her age!

We went to a show on Sat - was very small with only around 8 or so Aussies entered. BUT, the little 'Princess' got RBCC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, so it was only out of 3 dogs, but still.... we are starting to get somewhere now :). No look in for group this week :). Oh - and this girl really knows how to be a 'show dog' .... always after a bath & dry, she always sits in the most regal way and gives you the 'look' of importance. Well, it is better than the look she gives you while you are washing/drying her ('why me' to 'you missed a spot').

Ok - aside from dog stuff.... OMG - there is a life outside of dog stuff?!?!?! I have been completely HOOKED on Gilmore Girls.... SEASON 6!!! It came out on Wednesday and I think we have almost finished the series. I can't say any more about it coz Kylie will kill me *g*, but lets just say it is AWESOME with some weird twists and some people can be sooo darn ANNOYING at times! I don't think it is going to last the week out and we'll have finished the season before then...... and then what will I do.... season 7 isn't even out yet!!! LOL!

Counting down the days till my birthday - 2 to go!! Nothing exciting happening as my pressie is a weekend trip to Phillip Island. Will be fun as the pooches get to come - will fill you in on the details Kylie... i've just been too 'pre-occupied' and haven't even thought about calling people *g*! Mind you - Leo would give me a lovely b'day present if he will run a nice run for me on Friday.... or get his CCD title in *one* of the first 3 trials we have entered!!!! Which he should.... coz he has been doing well..... and his stays are solid now...... right?!

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Kylie said...

Yeah you better not say anything about gilmore girls or i will be cranky lol. Although i think i may just finish it just as fast as you..... i spent like a whole day the other day just watching it ...went through about one and a half discs in a day whoops. It's soooo good and so addictive.

OMG i just realised i forgot to ask at work for the weekend off for phillip island ...hopefully she hasnt written up that roster yet...but i bet she did it today bugger!!! when are we leaving?? is it on the friday night or the saturday? ahhh i hope i can get the weekend off now eeekkk.