Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What a Weekend

Boy - talk about a nice finish to an otherwise FANTASTIC week! I got a job (Incase you didn't see my last post!) and I had a great weekend of dog showing at the Melbourne Pet & Animal Expo. I go every year, but this was obviously my first year for showing and the breed stand (only did the breed stand last year). What was also good was that the show offered a neuter class meaning that Leo could be shown. I was absolutely gutted when I found out that the one and only dog he was up against for 'group' was a NZ and Aust Ch Corgi..... I thought - how unfair, I will have no hope. On the Saturday - I don't think the judge liked Aussies - either that or she was a very 'facey' (meaning she only went with people who were well-known in the dog world) judge. I was a little annoyed at her 'group' judging as I hadn't even got Leo stacked, the Corgi had barely entered the ring and it was already awarded *sigh*! Either way it was a nice day :). Different story on Sunday though - Kinta moved really badly for the challenge, so we didn't even get a look in for that (which isn't all that odd as she is only a minor). But when we went in for group, Kinta was awarded MINOR IN GROUP, which for all of you non-showy people means she was the best 'working dog' (ie: out of all the other breeds like BC, collies, in this case a Puli etc) for the Minor puppy group (aged between 6-9mths old). This was my first 'group' award so I was absolutely chuffed! To top it off - I took Leo in for Neuter, against the Corgi again. I was VERY suprised, when after a quick consideration the judge awarded Leo NEUTER IN GROUP!!!!!!!!!!! Guess he liked my aussies :)! We didn't get any further in show, as the 'In Show' judge was the same one as yesterday :(. LOL - but both dogs behaved really well and looked beautiful IMO! The only damper in my otherwise PERFECT Sunday was that the steward was bagging the crap out of the neuter class saying that they shouldn't run it, it was a waste of time and that they need to learn how to run a show properly :-O! I don't mind people having these thoughts, but you don't blurt it out when the one and only neuter entry is standing right next to you!!! I just thought it a little rude :(. Photos are attached below :). I must add though that the 'in show' photos, ie: the moving shots etc, were taken by their breeder - Ellagant knls :).

Kinta was absolutely fantastic in regards to meeting people at the expo. She would go up to anyone and kids, men, women, babies could all pat her, with a waggily tail to boot. By the end of the day she was a little tired & wanted to be left alone, which is understandable. The funny thing is that she doesn't like Shaun, Tracey's boyfriend and I can't for the life of me know why. She was actually really trying to get away from him, yet if anybody else walked past she'd be fine saying hello.... hmm.... with that response, i'd like to see how she is with Scott when she meets him again :P. Sunday, after about a 5 min warm up period Kinta was fine with greeting people again, but obviously a lot more tired than on Sat (long day at the show).

The pet expo itself was a little dissapointing. The breed stands and demo areas were excellent as always, but the stalls inside were a bit 'boring'.... They had things totally un-related to pets - such as the Mathamagic tutor (huh? is my dog going to learn maths?!) and a 'boys toys' section... heck, even a child modelling agency?!?!?! There were also a tonne of stalls for the 'pampered pooches' ie: dog coats and clothes as well as daimonte studded collars - all of which I have no use for :). The ones with useful things were selling things not all that cheap - I did buy a Natures Gift show bag (very good value), and some toys - a whirly ball with a marble in it which Leo loves but Kinta is scared of, an Orka ball with a rope in it (it is a funny shape so it bounces funny - also has holes where u can stuff food into it) - both dogs love this.... and a quacking duck which Leo also LOVES but kinta not too sure :P. It was a pretty full on weekend though - came home on Sunday exhausted.

I resigned from work yesterday and the news has travelled fast. They already have a new pet therapist (fast I know!) and although she has a wide variety of animals, I somehow don't feel that she is the right one for it. She will be great with the residents and she owns 2 Aussies, but somehow, this couple strike me as hard and 'careless' about their animals. They let their animals run all over the property (and escape?!). They have also told me of their training techniques (thinking I would be very impressed), but all I could do was shudder. But it isn't my responsibility any more, so it is up to her whether she wants to follow my advice or not I guess.

I have also just read the most saddening story, if you want a read - here. This poor lady has just found out that one of her poodles has been used for DD breeding and the condition the poor mite is in is astounding :-O! Some kind people on DOL (the forum I frequently visit!) actually rescued the dog and are all trying to raise money to pay for his medical treatment. Have a read through if you like.

Everything returns back to normal this week with Agility starting again (yay!!!) Both Tuesday and Wed nights. Wednesday nights i'm in a higher class, which means later times and harder courses *eek*! Sunday - obedience starts again, which should be interesting to say the least - trying to train 2 dogs in the 9:30 hour and running a class at 11am :-O! Should be a tight morning :P. Problem is, I want to instruct but I don't know how on earth i'll be able to fit it in with the things I want to do with my dogs *sigh*!

LOL - I keep forgetting to add stuff! Kinta is also on DOGZONLINE !!!!!!

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Kylie said...

Yay i'm so glad you had such a good weekend and so proud of leo and kinta. They did so well.

That story was horrible i feel so bad for the poor dog...i swear you should need a licence to own dogs too many people mistreat them.