Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Why Me?!!!

This is so not fair! I swear my dog has some evil plan to stop all of my competitive efforts with him! I took Leo and Kinta for a walk on Mon night. Leo ran out to get the ball and came back lame :(. He was limping considerably to came back home. Seems he has put his shoulder out so I am going to scratch him from competition on Friday, despite the fact that he is much better today (confinement yesterday, semi-confinement today). As fate would have it, our usual chiro is injured so have to go to Hampton Park to visit another recommended one *sigh*! Off to do that tomorrow. Fingers crossed everything is ok and he will stop injuring himself!!! Honestly, have no idea what caused it!

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Amanda O. said...

Aw bugger Amanda! Sending lots of healing vibes, crossed fingers and muddy paws of luck to Leo that the chiro is able to help him and he has a quick, uneventful recovery! (Our drama of the week is eye trauma for Cade... our vet owes us a ride in the Beemer we're buying her! :rolls eyes:)