Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Sooo tired

Thank the heavens for caffine! Thats all I can say! I am finding it soo hard to get up in the mornings (or middle of the night, since it is 5am!) these days as I haven't fully settled into a routine yet, still going to bed late-ish, so the lack of sleep is finally catching up. This is really affecting my drive to work, which is becoming a tad 'dangerous' as i'm so tired at the wheel, I have to find ways of keeping my brain working and not running off into oblivion! Answer: caffine :P! I really need to cut back on what I'm doing but i'm adamant that I WILL NOT cut back on my doggy things as this is what I love to do... well I may cut back a little, but i'm not going to drop out anything, just maybe go to agility once a week as opposed to two if I need to, or my parents can walk the dogs 1-2 times during the week in the morning.... just until I get into a system. I don't know yet. I feel fine during the day, but the mornings, until I get to work are the worst!

I also want to kind of 'give up' my training clients to give me more time, but I don't want to also, because I *do* love it, not to mention, I don't really know of anyone I can refer them onto. So hopefully they will be ending soon.... one should be, the other one still has a while to go! The problem is that on weekends, I still have to get up early for training/trials. I have the arvo's off, so maybe I may have to start taking nanna naps *g*! I am sure everything will work out fine, once I get into system, and off to bed earlier! LOL!

Other than that, work is pretty good albeit a little quiet. Still promised it will not stay this way, so I am enjoying it while I can! Doggies are going good, except Kinta is picking up in her energy levels, which is not something I need right now! LOL! At least I get home early so they both get a really good afternoon run. Had agility last night and Leo was a bit listless until I brought out his 'ball' - then he was go-go-go.... I think my general state of mind has affected training them a little coz i'm so bla-ze, so I have to work extra hard on myself being enthusiastic.

My current state also got me thinking - geez I live a busy life (well duh! No suprise there!). So unless I want to stay single for the rest of my life, I need to make some time for 'myself' and some social activities.... but what, where and how! I'm trying not to think about it until I get my 'current activities' sorted as I certianly don't want to add to that! But I do need to do something outside of dogs.... otherwise, my whole life will pass me by with nothing but dogs in them, which is not what I want. They are a big part of my life and in an essence they *are* my life, but I don't want them to be my whole life..... I actually want a 2 legged person in my life too.... *sigh*! Can't I just get through life with no sleep.... puhleese?! So as always, a quote from 'Anne' has been hitting home lately, but i'm not sure if it is just from the movie, or it features in the book.... Miss Barry (Diana's Aunt) tells Anne while she is studying at Queens to "leave a little room in her life for love".... so that she would get her nose out of the books every once in a while and live a little.... I think I need to take that on a bit here. When I was at school I always made the excuse for not having a love life (other than there being no 'good pickens') was that I was too busy with studying and trying desperately to get into vet sci. I didn't want a boy getting in the way. At uni, it was the same excuse- I didn't want to throw my education away (not that I would have in hindsight) and was still trying to get into vet sci. Later, my excuse slowly became I don't have time (current excuse).... okay, so maybe no-one has come along that will make me *want* to make time, but still... I have to stop making excuses for my lack of social life..... don't ya think?!?!

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Anonymous said...

I think we should both work together to stop making excuses lol. Im just as bad as you...except i blame everyone else for always being too busy to go out with me hehe.

But i know exactly what you mean i used to be like that back in my skating days saying i didnt have time for a guy. Now i am just too lazy to pick up the phone and invite someone to go out and do stuff with me. That should have been my new years resolution to be more motivated and to become more of an organiser rather than waiting for everyone else to organise nights or days out.

Most of the time i am sitting there feeling sorry for myself because i want to go out or do something one of my friends could be doing the exact same thing and i don't know because i havent even tried calling them. And lets face it ...i'm not going to meet anyone sitting at home feeling sorry for myself lol.

Kylie said...

whoops i just realise i forgot to put my name on that last comment. It was meeeeee :-)

But i'm thinking you would have guessed that for yourself already right lol