Monday, April 02, 2007

Miss Saigon & soo tired!

Boy it has been a busy week. Not a good thing to start a new working week completely exhausted!!! LOL! I went to the swimming 4 nights last week - Sunday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday again! It was really good, although the atmosphere wasn't overly explosive until last night! We got to see 6/9 Australian gold medals not to mention some great races, many World Records broken (13/15 by USA!) and it was just generally all around FAB! LOL! I am totally motivated to start swimming again, but the question is finding the time! For those who don't know - yes, swimming used to be my sport until I quit just before High School. The club that I was to join wanted me to train 4x per week wither at 5am in the morning or most nights. It was mutually decided that it was far too much for me when I was just starting high school. LOL - so since then, my main swimming was just through the school sports ;). I've always pretty much kept up with it though, swimming on a fairly regular basis - lol - I don't run, so it is my main point of exercise save walking the dogs :p. So I did REALLY enjoy the World Champs as I am a big swimming fan :P.

I FINALLY got to see MISS SAIGON on Sat and OMG!!!!!!! It was AMAZING! I was expecting great things and it even exceeded what I expected! Absolutely brilliant. ROTFL - ok so best not talk it up tooo much! Seriously I loved it and it didn't dissapoint. The acting/dancing/coreography was amazing and the singers were also good. Usually I am a little dissapointed with the singing as it is *never* as good as those on the CD, but I was very impressed with this one ;). So anybody who is thinking about seeing it should *definately* go and see it.

In regards to going overseas - i'm still toying with the idea, so I may go over in the next 18mths - 2yrs. If I can find a suitable job. There are so many opportunities in terms of animal training that I think it would be a real shame 'career wise' if I were just to go over and work as a waitress for example rather than trying to get a job in the animal industry. So i'll keep toying with the idea and see what I can come up with - then i'll come home, continue to save and persue dream #2. LOL - i'm not leaving much room for a social life am I?! LOL! Ah well, I don't think i'll really mind ;).

My little puplet is growing up too fast. Seems like she is coming into season :-O! She is 8.5mths old now and the past week has been 'highly desirable' to Leo *g* along with some slight swelling. No bleeding yet. ARGH! This should be interesting with trying to contain her as I trust NO dogs around here (even Leo!) and trying to keep Kinta contained for 3 weeks with little/no exercise - she'll go nuts! So we'll give her a go staying at home, but if she really isn't coping, we'll take her up to Ana's as they are set up for girls in season there ;). I kinda want to keep my gal at home though as i'm gonna miss her and I also am a little nervous as to how she'll cope given her response when she first came to stay with us.... she still shows slight signs of that when i'm not there or for example when we went to Phillip Island she was very cautious around the house.... nothing really to be concerned about, but still... At least the only other home she has known has been Ana & Ben's so she should be really comfortable there.

Leo started Novice training yesterday and while he was doing everything - he wasn't doing his heeling/recall to the best of his ability. Granted I was tired, but his training has slipped a little as i've been a little slack! Sarah - come back to Oz, just for me!!!! LOL! I'm hoping to find someone to video us to work again so that I can pester people online for advice.... *hint, hint Sarah!*. Have actually organised a DOL training day on the 14th at KCC where a whole bunch of us are going to gear up for a 'trialling session' - offering advice, video taping etc,etc. Should be really good! So I'm going back to basics a little with Leo to bring his enthusiasm back up and get his consistency back a little :).

Slight DOL rant - I know I shouldn't care what others think but it still irks me :p. Many posts have been started lately about whether 'outside dogs' can actually have a fulfilling life and be 'part of the family'.... it really frustrates me as many think that no, the dogs can't. They need to be mollycoddled and be a part of your indoor life in order to actually *be* part of your life. It really irks me as many got quite heated and were apt to say that if your dog isn't inside than you shouldn't have a dog at all :-O! It frustrates because they don't look outside the square and think that maybe there are people who are unable to have their dogs inside for whatever reason, but are still able to spend copious amounts of time with their dogs not to mention still develop a strong bond with them. Just because my dogs are not allowed inside a lot doesn't mean that they get absolutely no attention - i'm pretty much always outside because I want to be with my dogs. I just get really frustrated at the insinuation that outdoor dogs can't have a happy an content life with their owners. I mean, i'm pretty sure that my dogs don't have it too tough and they certianly aren't begging for attention. I mean, if I had no relationship that I do with them, there is no way i'd be able to train them to the level that I do (or want to rather, since we are still in our 'baby beginnings'!). Humph - I don't know why it bothers me so much but it *really* does, even though I know that my dogs are happy and I treat them right. I know that anybody who meets my dogs will agree and that these people are making huge generalisations for those who *do* treat their dogs like backyard ornaments, but it *still* irks me!

Ah well :).... Quiet week this week, and a *short* one! Friday - Tuesday i'll be on 'holidays' yipee - which should be 'fun' and hopefully i'll have some spare time to relax, go car shopping and make some agility equipment!

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