Monday, July 30, 2007

You Goose!!!

Yet another busy week and weekend :-).

The books:
Lets see..... I began reading Harry Potter on Monday effectively (well I read like 1 chapter on Sun night!) and for those who haven't read it yet, but like the series, this one will not dissappoint. Just make sure you don't pick it up unless you have time! The action starts immediately and I became completely engulfed in the world of Harry, doing not much else other than reading in my spare time :-). I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns, but was a little dissappointed with the ending - considering it is the last book and all. But my predictions were correct and if you follow this link, you will be able to find out more details. click on the video if you want to hear more, but DO NOT DO THIS IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED THE BOOK YET!!!! THERE ARE MAJOR SPOILERS!

Ok - now that you are warned - here is the link....

That is all i'm going to say on Harry so I don't ruin the book for anyone ;).

I'm now back to reading Wicked - I stopped with about 100 pages to go (well.... Harry came out!).... this is definately a book that I will need to re-read to get the full effect as unfortunately I just haven't had the time to devote to it and every time it begins to pick up I have to put it down for a few days! I should finish it tonight though. On the whole, it is a good book, but now that I'm aware, I think the 2nd time will be better as it really is vastly different from the musical. I wouldn't mind reading the sequel though somewhere in the future ;).

The Dogs:
Despite the fact that this weekend was a no-dog weekend in the sense that I had booked a shopping tour with friends months ago, when I was organising my show entries I must have entered a show for this Sat!!! OOPS! Talk about throwing away $13 for nothing! My only reasoning could be is that I highlight all the events I can attend and I didn't double check the dates before entering :-(. Bummer! Ah well.

On the other side of things lets see - the dogs were somewhat 'neglected' this week due to my HP obsession so not much training took place.... in spite of this, perhaps a little bit 'because' of this, Leo's agility training was just terrible! On Tuesday night he was driven to distraction and for a dog that usually loves his agility he was just NOT interested.... sniffing the ground, walking under jumps, not listening etc,etc.... who knows what was going through his mind. He was much better on Wed, but again had a few brief moments of slowing right down.... I came to the conclusion that is is because (which I already knew anyway) that if i'm not moving, he pretty much 'stops' also. What I mean by myself not moving is that both Tue and Wed we were doing a bit of circle work - with handler trying to remain on spot (tight circles) and the dogs orientating the jumps. This just doesn't work for Leo, yet if I was to 'run' it, I would constantly be out of position anyway..... so the result is homework! Time for me to go an make about 4-5 jumps and practice 'circle' work and getting him to 'drive' with me standing still :). I should have done it ages ago, but it is the making of jumps that has put me off :). I doubt it will take him long to grasp though ;).

On the other side of things, Leo's obedience is coming along nicely. We had a pretty good run through yesterday and although our stays still need work (due to lack of training) everything else only needs a bit of polishing! So - my aim is to have him ready by the end of Sept for Morabbin's trial.... fingers crossed all goes to plan!

In relation to Kinta - she is coming along lovely and is a real live wire at agility - makes for tonnes of fun. I don't like the time of her class though as i'm usually exhausted by that stage (9:00 class.... I get up at 5am.... you get the pic!). Her obedience is going well although she was a bit cheeky yesterday, 'forgetting' to auto sit and kept breaking positions once I treated.... my bad, but it pointed out things that I haven't realised i've been inadvertently teaching *sigh*! Plans for Kinta is to have her ready for Croydon's obedience trial in April next year and for the Agility Nationals, whenever they are! That is of course, if she isn't in season!!!

I've also booked into a Gina O'Keefe Seminar in Oct 6-7 - it's in Geelong but I am keen to go anyway so have booked accom for the sat night nearby - allows dogs inside too ;). I'm looking forward to it and hopefully I can learn a tonne of stuff!

Other stuff:
Ok - the shopping tour on Sat was loads of fun! If not for the shopping, but for the company instead, we had a great time! I got some nice stuff, without spending too much, so i'm pleased with myself! Now just to find places to wear them ;). The man-drought continues dispite my efforts of last week ;)..... I'm still waiting for a txt back, but ah well..... rotten sod! Work is work - going well with one project really starting to take off now.... still enjoying it, still wishing I could work with the dogs all day ;).

Nothing else to say really.....

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