Sunday, September 16, 2007

City Travels

I knew I should have waited and posted together!

Ah well - more reading for you all. The dogs have had a *really* busy weekend and I assure you - are completely crashed outside right now!

Got up and took the dogs to obedience first thing. Leo did a really nice round for me and am pleased to say - 3 lovely retrieves - 2 x flat and 1 x over the jump. I couldn't be prouder as we have struggled at times with the 'send out' and enthusiasm of the retrieve so to get a SUPER eager retrieve was just fantastic! Just goes to show that you should never skip the minor steps.... not that I knew any better as I taught his d/b without any instruction initially. I also did my first open stays with him today. I didn't want to g out-of-sight for the sit-stay as I thought that might be 'jumping the gun' a little.... he held his sit stay, although not as solid as I would like.... his 5 min down was out of sight and he was fine and solid through that so overall was pleased with his performance. Critique from instructors - great dog, shame about the handler ROFL - watch the hand signals, but otherwise.... WHEN AM I ENTERING HIM :p.... so very pleased with his efforts.

Kinta had a quick run through - was pretty good, but she was a little 'too' eager for her heelwork and also needs a bit more work on her LT, positions and things like that... so thats our homework for this week. Everything else was really nice. I did some d/b work with her out of the ring also and I was also pleased with that. I have a new way of rewarding the dogs too - I have a small container where I put a handful of treats in for them to 'jackpot' if they work well in the ring. I was razzing K up before we went in and whaddya know -she took the container from my hand and started carrying it :p. So in the 5mins while we were 'waiting' our turn - I shaped that and now she plays/ retrieves her treat container which is a great little way of getting her 'geed' up before entering the ring too!

We decided to be a little different today in entering the city. On Sundays -the train tickets are only $2.50 and pets travel free. I double checked the website and all it said about pets was small animals have to be crated and large animals on lead (and muzzled... but I didn't worry about that)..... Well obviously it was all fine as we had ticket inspectors who just cooed at the dogs anyways ROFL! I was really impressed with both dogs who, once they got used to the motion of the train settled right down for the ride! Got out at Flinders st... walked up to Vic markets as I needed to get some pigs ears for them (quite cheap there)... walked back down through the Docklands.... at which point I was really cross for not bringing my camera as they have really done some nice work with the place now - some nice sculptures (far better than the 'cow in tree' one!) and things which would have been a nice place to take photos and such. We then slowly strolled back from Docklands to Flinders St to come home. It was a lovely, relaxing afternoon and I am sure the dogs loved it.... I just wish I had the camera! On the train trip home, we assumed the dogs would flake - but all those people were far too interesting and deserved their attention *sigh*..... even to the point of barking "uh hello!!! pay attention!"..... came home and do we crash? Nope, we pick up a toy and entice a game.... will they ever stop!?!? Luckily once we came inside, both dogs fell straight to sleep!

Well- must go - I promise to take the camera next time we go to the Docklands, but until then, dinner is calling :D

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