Friday, September 21, 2007

Rant, Rant, Rant

You'll get my drift once you open it! It disgusts me and I usually don't get caught up in the whole DD thing.... usually! I just hate the way they 'ruin' a breed and then write it off as a 'purebreed'...... directly related to the Aussies of course.... funny - they look a lot like Pom/Chi/Papillon's to me! They are breeding 'mismarks', trying to breed blue eyed dogs (that is one of their goals) and just by looking at the dogs you can see that they shouldn't be bred with.... poorly structured and just.... yuk! Anyway - I better not say anymore, but I just find it sooo..... infuriating!!!

Went to another piggery yesterday. It was a very interesting visit - they recycle all of the pigs' waste and use it to make fertiliser (obviously) and methane to run the piggery on. Most interesting! Hopefully this will be one of our last visits - although when we got back home to take the video tape out of the camera - it was 'eaten'.... so we are hoping against hope it worked! It was a 4am start to get there!!! NOT something I want to do again! I also found out something else which was most interesting..... the diet that these pigs are fed on was.... amongst other things..... CHOCOLATE! Apparently they can get a lot of 'nutrition' out of it etc.... I couldn't believe it! ROFL. I want to be a pig!!! (well... not quite!)

Am very excited/ nervous about Sunday - being the Melbourne Royal and Kinta's show. Excited as it is such a prestigous event and I haven't shown for a while.... nervous because i'm not 110% sure on what is going on/ where i'm meant to be/ when we are showing etc,etc,etc.

According to the entry -there is only one other Junior B!tch - so I hope we do well.... but i've heard this girl is quite nice... so we'll see.... Plus - Kinta is miss baldy too so there is no promises. But she is moving nice.... I guess :p. I will let you know how it all went!

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Kylie said...

OMG those dogs had freaky eyes. They are so creepy that they are like something out of a horror film...i'm going to have nightmares tonight lol