Friday, September 14, 2007

Whats new?!

Been a while since i've posted.... a couple of reasons..... one being I *have* been busy, and the other that i've got nothing really to share!!!!

I've pretty much been doing the same old, same old. Had a pretty quiet week and have been just training the dogs and such. Went to an agility trial last Saturday and although we didn't qualify - we did come 3rd in Novice agility after clipping ONE bar... always the way. We also had our first run in Excellent Jumping but had a couple of refusals (handler errors only).... anyways - here is a video of our run for the day. Keep in mind the distance away makes the run look slower, and he wasn't running at 'break speed' anyways :P.

I still have no avail with that dratted earing the naughty black blob swallowed, so i've just counted my losses and given up looking (trust me it is NOT a nice task)... In the mean time - Kinta decided that it was perfect time to do a junior drop/ pre-season drop this time of year. It has been happening for around a month though, but looking at these photos, I didn't realise she had dropped *quite* this much! I just hope that all of this means that she will grow back a lovely thick coat which wows the judges away :D... pretty please :D

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Of course this is 2 weeks before the Royal isn't it! Ahh the joys of owning 'entire' b!tches! We have entered a lot of shows throughout October, with me taking some time off from instructing. This was purely because there were so many things I wanted to enter, which fell on Sundays, so decided to take a short break to fulfil what I wanted. Am looking forward to getting back 'into' showing again though.

I have been so proud of how well these dogs have been going lately. Due to better weather and the sun staying up a bit later, I have been able to get some decent training in with the dogs. Whilst I am sometimes a little perplexed at Leo and his agility (ie: he isn't the fastest dog ever... but I am assured he is a nice steady dog!) I am incredibly proud of the both of them. They give me so much back in return, not to mention they are always enthusiastic about training. One of the main reasons I think of Leo being a little slower in agility is the fact that he doesn't want to get anything wrong, plus it is quite likely I have stuffed him around a lot with him being my first dog! On the whole, I am just so proud of what I have achieved with these guys. I know many of you would have seen this already - but this is a video I made of the dogs when I had some time to spare:

We have another agility trial this Saturday which should be some fun. I'm also contemplating a trip into town on Sunday afternoon with Kinta just for some social and 1:1 time. I'd like to do this a bit more with both dogs and the nicer weather etc, is getting me all motivated again!!!

Hopefully next post, i'll have some exciting news.... well, more exciting than this post anyway :P

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