Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Sydney adventure...... amongst other things

Ok - been busy on most aspects of life the past week. Work has been 'steady' with deadlines for this pig project looming and with piggery visits, annual leave etc, eating into my days, I've had to keep ahead of it all. I much prefer work this way - makes you feel like you have achieved something when it is all done! The latest piggery we went to visit was great as it was all 'free range'/ echo shelters.... a bit different to all the other piggery's I've been to which are all 'sheds'.

On the dog front - it turned out Leo was quite ill - his ear issue was a bacterial infection - likely that his tummy bug ran through the bloodstream to his ears.... not all that uncommon apparently. Either way the vet said he should have been a lot sicker than what he seemed to be ie: off his food/ lethargic for more than 24hrs! Bl**dy stoic dogs!!! This however hasn't dampened his spirits and pretty much straight after he was on the antibiotics and his ears started to 'deflate', he has been back to his usual loony self, wiggles, grinning and picking up toys all over the place..... this dog is such a clown to be around - you can't help but laugh at him!!

After their break from training due to KC, they were back at agility this week. Leo was a dream to handle both nights (tue/wed) , very enthusiastic, consistent and 'fast' by his standards. Seeing how he runs tonight will determine whether or not I take him on Wed.... we have our first trial for a month on Sat, but only 2 runs, so not that much :). I was very pleased with his efforts, sometimes I think i'm too 'hard' on him with my expectations saying he won't be any good, as he always comes through and seems to show that he CAN be good and i'm just getting disheartened for no reason! Kinta is great also - she will be a challenge for another reason - ie: not listening and devising her own course if I call too late. She is teaching me to call a lot earlier as she runs faster than my brain thinks! Either way - I am having a GREAT time running her and boy, I am so glad Ana 'encouraged' me to take her!!

The dogs had a nice stay at the kennels while we were away. They were bathed/ cleaned (at no extra cost) before I picked them up which saved me the hassle when I got home. Both dogs were very excited to see me, but you could tell they were well looked after as they were quite happy to follow the owners around, seemed to 'know' the place (ie: indicated they were let out of their kennel) and the owner was telling me things about their 'temperaments' so in other words, you knew they got the pats, attention and some 1:1. I warned them (erring on the safer side) that Kinta could be reserved/ nervy as I wasn't sure how she would go without me/ new environment etc. Apparently they didn't know what I was talking about as she was the opposite of nervy - they said she was as confident as the rest of them etc.... so I was VERY pleased to hear that!

Evidently K was a little *too* happy to see me as on my 2nd (or was it 3rd/4th/5th.... anyone who has left dogs knows what I mean!) reunion with them at home, I knelt down to give them cuddles. Both dogs wriggled around giving me licks/kisses.... Kinta decided the ear needed a considerable clean, but by doing so swallowed my gold earring!!! This has since put me on 'poo patrol' - partly coz I want to find it, and partly coz I want to make sure it doesn't get lodged in there! Funny, but not funny!

I've started my 'fitness frenzy' again as i've put on a bit of weight over winter (ok,ok, not much, but enough....) so want to start riding with the dogs again. I started with Leo this morning, but the 5am devils got to him. Apparently going at *my* speed isn't fast enough... we also have to pull to catch the possums and birds, stop abruptly when nature calls (I almost went A over T at this point) and go at break neck speeds down hills..... obviously oblivious to the calls/ shouts of "STEADY, SLOW DOWN!". If this is how it goes with Leo..... one can only imagine what Kinta will be like.... perhaps I should write out my will now?!

Sydney trip was great too :-). Saw Scott's new appartment as well as his NY/ London adventure (well... pics anyway!).... also caught up with our friends in Glebe on Fri/Sat which did include walking across the Harbour Bridge - surprisingly, not something we have done before! Sunday was a lazy day at home as Mum was teaching Lily (Scott's g/f) how to ice a wedding cake and the boys later wanted to watch the footy. Came home late Sun evening and I stayed home yesterday so that I could pick up the dogs and clean up a little etc....

Some piccies from the bridge walk:

On another note - it's been over 1yr since our whirlwind adventure now! Kind of sad!!! I would really love to go again!!! I can't believe this year has gone so quick :p

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