Saturday, April 04, 2009

Frankly My Dear..... I don't give a damn!

she was NOT happy about being stacked!

I think this has now become Kinta's attitude. The poor love is just *so* uncomfortable and is probably wishing this whole debacle over! The countdown has begun! Not much else to tell - everything else has been gearing up for Kinta's impending arrivals. I think we have everything now!!! At least, I hope we do!

Had to go up to Kinglake on tuesday night for a presentation, which ended up being a big flop (apparently our seminar did not win out in the stakes of an impromptu concert with the likes of Killing Heidi, INXS, John Farnham and more...). It is still quite devastating and gut wrenching to drive through. Haven't been up there at all and I can't say I want to again any time soon. There is just so much devastation!

Anyway - a pic of Mr Leo who feels a little put out I think :( Poor kid. I must bet he worst mother ever!!!

and one of Kinta looking pretty. Here's a conundrum, she's never had white ears before pregnancy, maybe a few months before. Don't know where this little white tip has come from!!!

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