Saturday, April 11, 2009

Enjoy it while you can

A lot of you know that once a girlie has a litter, when the pups are around 6-12wks old, Mum's coat goes on sabattical in a BIG way and tends not to return in any great rush. Now for those of you that know *Kinta* knows that she thinks having a good coat is 'optional' and has only been considered in the past few months. So all through this pregnancy I have thoroughly enjoyed her coat, but also lamenting the fact we weren't in the ring raking up those final 15pts! I thought I might post these pics - 3 days after major surgery and popping out 6 pups, we have gone back to 'sentry' duty, ball chasing, Leo razzing and in general making sure #1 is well looked after :). I snapped these photos while she was having some fun around the yard, seeing as her coat was so shiny... I mean I have to enjoy it while I can, coz soon there won't be *anything*!

I was also thrilled to today FINALLY fix up my webpage. We've been having some formatting issues, so after deciding enough was enough, I deleted the page and started again. Wala! It's working properly once more! So please, check out our page - we have lots of lovely piccies of the bubs on there etc :)

Now - so that Leo felt that he was still loved, we took him with us when we went to the local farmers market today (fairly low key, not much there).... I spied a good place for some snaps (the downside of getting an SLR means that you will take it everywhere with you ;) ).. here is what we came up with:

Mum - you still love me.... don't you?!
Did someone mention FOOD?!?!?!
Living up to my name and looking like a 'lion' on a rock ;)

And lastly - just to show you I haven't forgotten ;). All the bubs are going well - gaining weight and just looking plain gorgeous *gloat*

That's all folks :D

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