Wednesday, April 15, 2009

One Week Old Today

Yup - It's hard to believe, but these little 'squishies' are all 1 week old now, and all have names ;). They are growing like weeds. Kinta is a great mum, but protective streek has arisen since the first few days. Visitors are still welcome, but not too close to the bubba's please and *careful* how you hold them thankyouverymuch!!! I'm still incredibly proud of what a good mum she is and a little in awe of instinct and how quickly that sets in!

Well - I guess to mark the milestone I guess pictures are in order :)

Tri Boy #1 aka "Ollie" - The piggy of the litter weighing in at 600g! Future agility dog seeing as he is already climbing *over* the pigrails if he gets stuck!

Blue girl # 2 aka "Misty" - a real sweetie - still questionable on markings, but the two girls are just..... sweet, with picture perfect colouration.
Blue girl #1 aka "Polly Pocket" - the smallest of the litter, but not by much! So far she has the most striking markings - strong copper (which was a surprise!) and just beautiful merleing. Perhaps a little quieter than the others?!

Tri girl #1 aka "Lacey" - aptly named because she was the closest marked to 'mum'. Pretty little thing. Full white collar and some nice rich copper coming through now.Tri girl # 2 aka "Panda Bear" - aptly named due to her markings. She's another one always moving about and her markings seem to attract everyone.
Tri girl 3 aka "Piglet" - started off the smallest, but quickly caught up with the others. Very pretty girl :)
And a few more :)
Motherhood is really tough yaknow!


Kylie said...

Awww they grow up so fast don't they lol. Haha love the names especially polly pocket hehe. Now i wanna come pat the puppies again :(

aussienut said...

hey - you can come anytime :). Kinta has given you *her* tick of approval LOL!