Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ok, an update time!

Ok, so I've been a little slack ;) :o. What can I say - once you go back to work, the time to write on your blog is severly cut short as there are so many hours in the day, and most of that needs to be filled with puppy gloating around other necessary stuff ;).

Everyone is all going well here. They have now opened their eyes and ears, are a little more steady with their walking and starting to interact with each other. Fun times ahead I say ;)!

But - important things first! After my 'first fun run' that never eventuated, I actually made it to one today ;). A 5km run around Princes park - near Melb uni. My plan was to finish it comfortably (note not collapse at the end) and to finish it in under 35mins if I could. Well all went pretty well, I loved the experience (small run that it was and FREEZING temperatures that we had!) and managed to complete my run in 30min40sec!!!! WOOT WOOT! Am very happy with myself, and can't wait till our next run which will be a 10k at the end of June - the "Run to the G". After that who knows, but crazy or not, I am toying with the idea of a sprint tri (really short swim, medium bike ride and short run).

Ok now to the important stuff.... video's first.

This we took during the week as the puppies started to walk about - it's amusing enough ;). Take particular note just after I shoot on Kinta - piglet falls over and watch what Panda does :)

Second is of their weaning today - first meal - delightful mush that it was, they seemed to enjoy it! I have NO idea why Panda screamed like that though - I mean, the way these puppies have been mistreated :O....

And now - some piccies of them.... see - far more exciting than before right?! Panda featured a bit today, because she was so active!

I was nt doing ANYTHING!

SHH!!! It's sleepytime!GIRLS rule and BOYS drool - you got it?!

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