Friday, April 10, 2009

Perfect little time wasters

THEY'RE HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yup - after much angst, stress and waiting, Kinta has finally popped! She has given us 6 beautiful babies - 5 girls and 1 boy in the following :

3 black tri girls
1 black tri boy
2 blue merle girls

They were of reasonable size - smallest being 320g and the largest 400g!! Unfortunately delivered by c-section due to Kinta's temperature dropping on Sunday night and with still no action on Wed I decided to get her prog tested to see where we were at. As to whether she would have started labor later that night or not is questionable, but we obviously didn't want to risk it. Hindsight is a wonderful thing as it turns out the 400g whopper (breach) would have gotten stuck thus ending in a cesarian anyway.

Mum and bubs are great - Kinta is awesome with them. she is a doting mother, yet seems quite happy with the cat and leo milling about (but not too close) and after a bit of a bark, is happy with visitors (in other words, no different to usual). She's also quite happy to leave the box when the bubs are happy and full. Good girl!

Time will only tell whether we'll breed again - at the moment, I think I'll give her one more go (she was only going to have 2 litters anyways), but breed closer together and see how she goes. It's interesting as none of her relatives have shown these problems before either. I wonder if it all could be connected to our pregnancy issues also and they all came hand in hand and in other words we were just unlucky this time around?!

But -for now, we are all happy, healthy and ridiculously cute!

Pics because I know that's what you all *really* want to see (rather than hearing me waffle)...

Black tri boy 1:

Blue merle girl 1:

Blue merle girl 2:

Black tri girl 1:

Black tri girl 2:

Black tri girl 3:
motherhood is tough!

And some general shots:

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