Tuesday, October 10, 2006

A day at the Beach

Hello again!

Well i'm back home again but have had soo much fun updating this blog that I thought I might as well continue to let you know all about the happenings in my life (great way of keeping in touch rather than sendling a zillion emails saying the same thing!) as well as my doggy stuff *g*! Of course without the doggy info it wouldn't be me now would it!

It feels sooo good to be home again and with the exception of staying up until 3am last night coz I simply couldn't sleep, I haven't really suffered from jet lag (thank goodness!). At least i've been able to get through the days relatively 'fatigue free'! LOL! I had one very happy pooch to greet me back at home and has only settled down today (but that could be because we did spend the whole day together!). Since I have come home, every time I go outside, he has been a nutcase, jumping around like a loony in typical aussie style (ie: all 4 paws off the ground and trying to kiss your forehead - alternatively if that doesn't work, we grin, wiggle our butt madly and make some very strange growling noises!). Something tells me he was happy to have me home. Having made firm friends with dad however when we were away it seems he is a little 'divided' with his love though *g*! I went straight back into training mode (can ya tell I missed it) and he was a little star - I think he missed it all, so fingers crossed we'll be back in the trial ring again shortly. Here is a pic of him being a true sport while I 'dressed him up' in one of my souveniers *g*:

Today in order to catch up with a couple of my uni friends (who I haven't seen for what 6 whole weeks!!!) we decided to head down to the beach at Mornington Penninsula with the dogs for a nice day out.... Well the beach we chose was fantastic.... hmmm... lets see it was a dog off leash beach that had no sand, but rocks.... yes, rocks.... lol. So on we went down a little and came to a lovely beach at Mt Martha (with sand) which I think is called 'Hawkers beach' and was really nice... that is if we were at the right one *g*! It was a great day out, good to catch up with the gals and of course enjoy the time spent with the pooches! Whiskey had a ball, but despite our coaxing wouldn't get in the water, while Leo had a blast running around us and chasing his ball and just in general being a loony as he does so well. Here are some pics, but if you want to view more, you can go to my kodak gallery: http://www.kodakgallery.com/ShareLandingSignin.jsp?Uc=3vbgiykl.9qzo2a85&Uy=jbssee&Upost_signin=Slideshow.jsp%3Fmode%3Dfromshare&Ux=1&UV=735528835478_590892551109

Well thats about it from me... i'm not sure if the piccies worked to be viewed on the blog - if they didn't just go to the gallery to view them (again you have to sign in to view them if you didn't last time)... :D.



Cabrissi said...

Hey Amanda, now you can get Leo to repeat the Anne musical you saw when you start Freestyle someday... he's got the props for it! ;-)

Gorgeous beach pics as well and glad to see you decided to keep blogging now that the trips over! One more person for me to blog-stalk! ;-) ;-) ;-)

aussienut said...

LOL - yes he does look very impressed doesn't he!