Friday, October 27, 2006

TAG, Leo the Therapy dog & More

Ok, So Amanda TAG'd me (I have no idea what this means BTW!) and I have 'no friends' on here to tag i'm going to have to get 5 random pplz to answer the question. Ok so I'm meant to list 5 weird things about myself and my pets.... this seems harder than I thought!!!! LOL!:

1) My dog will readily accept medication by hand and LOVES going to the vet (he literally mugs the poor guy)..... did I mention the chiro as well?

2) My Cat (like Amanda's) is also trained, but I got lost after 'sit', 'come' (nb: not a formal recall *g*) and 'beg'... once you get to 'heel' Amanda - do let me know? I'm thinking about bringing out the clicker... mwahahaha!

3) I don't know if it is weird, but people certianly look at me as though it is - Leo and I play 'zoomies' in the park whereby I chase him and he runs away - more fun than it sounds :P

4) As loud and outgoing as I seem to some, I actually hate meeting new people and often avoid it at all costs....

5) If I like something I become madly obsessed with it..... don't know why but I can't help it :P... eg: completely and utterly obsessed with dogs, books and my fave TV series :D

Ok - so there is the TAG - I think whoever reads this then has to write it in their own blogs... but plz let me know coz i'm a loner in 'blogville'!

Now onto the Therapy work - I got some pics yesterday of Leo doing his therapy work with one of the residents. Her daughter took these pics before I went away but I only recieved it yesterday. This lady absolutely LOVES Leo which is soo good to see - she literally can't stop smiling when Leo is there. Joan (the daughter) took more yesterday so hopefully i'll have more to share - man, I really need to take my camera! But so far the therapy work is coming along nicely and i'm starting to really enjoy myself!

Isn't he just the cutest? I have another resident there as well that insists that he sits on her bed (she used to show and judge Scotch Collies) and another that whenever anyone enters the room when we visit claims that Leo is "her" dog and isn't he just the most beautiful dog ever (well I can't really argue with that can I?!). We actually started Agility at Croydon on Tuesday - not that there is anything wrong with our current club except for the distance. Now we have two clubs to go to which frees me up a little as if I can't make one I can make the other.... oh and the 5min drive as opposed to the 40min drive is much more appealing! We had a great time, I think the highlight of the evening was trying to get infront of Leo to do a front cross and falling flat on my face (hmm... didn't realise running outside was different to inside :P).... Of course Leo did run over and jump all over me as if it was a new game... *sigh*! I actually found he was running much faster outside too, so I guess that is a good thing.... more calories for me to burn! He did really well and it was a prime place to practice some of those dreaded sit-stays for Sunday. I'll keep you posted on how we go... i'm feeling pretty ok about it, but i'm sure by sunday i'll feel differently! I just can't wait to get our very first title... it is sooo exciting but I know if I do that i'll put too much pressure on myself and we'll bugger up!

I have been sooo naughty of late.... I am hooked onto the TV! Shortly after we came back I went on a DVD buying spree... something I shouldn't do! But I couldn't resist :P. I have come back with Gilmore Girls on DVD (no wisecracks please.... it is funny ok! And I feel smart coz I actually 'get' some of their literary references!!). Since then i've been completely hooked on it, and last night stayed up till 1:30am watching it till the end of the 1st ssn. I am sooo peeved with Ch9 for Axeing it IN THE MIDDLE OF A SEASON, and it doesn't look like it will be back on again *sigh*...... WHY do I get soo hooked onto these things... it is like my drug addiction or something! haha! One good thing is that ER is back on the BOX so I watched that on Wed, but cutting it in the middle of the season (done in June or something) it really mucks up the flow as I have no idea what is going on anymore :P.

I've also sat down and watched P&P since we've been back. Gave me thrills to see Lyme P. and say ooohh... we've been there!! I know where you are walking past! Oh look Mum - there are the Rose Gardens we saw!!! Sad I know, but thrilling none-the-less. So I bet now you are thinking that I never get off the couch... well I do.... sometimes.... I do have to go to work I guess! Speaking of which I am in the process of 're-vamping' my resume so that I may try my hand at getting a 'proper job'..... Don't know when that will be, it is kind of scary... I don't know what to think of it! Part of me really wants to and another part is just plain scared S***less of doing anything like this.... ah I don't like growing up! I would like to keep up the Therapy though if and when I change jobs. At the moment - i'm toying with the idea of working in Animal Health.....

What is it also about not being able to find something that you really want?! While o/s I bought my brother a memory card for his camera and he was over last weekend.... prime opportunity to give it to him, but I can't find it ANYWHERE!!! It isn't like i'd throw it out, but honestly.... where is it? We turned the whole house upside down with no avail... true, my room isn't exactly spotless at the moment, but I was sure I put it in a 'safe' place.... 'safe' it is coz no-one can find it!!! I really hope it will turn up!

Well That is about all of the news I had... not that it is really news... quite boring really but that is the story of my life :P!

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Cabrissi said...

Tag is like the childrens game... tag, you're it! Whoever is tagged has to go next and tag someone else (or 5 someones in this case!) Oh you wanna know something cool with cat obedience, some folks are doing CAT AGILITY! Kid you not! And the cats are good! We do the zoomies thing at the park too... with big growly monster voice to really make strangers think I'm nutso! ;-) Leo is looking lovely in therapy and and I'm sure he'll do great on the sit stays! Give 'em lots of pushups so he's got manly-man muscles to hold him up and promise him his weights worth of cookies if he does good! ;-) Do you guys do any resistance training? IE Trying to 'nudge' him gently out of place and clicking the 'freeze' of the muscles? Starting this with Fluffy Red Dog now cuz she's a slouch! ;-)