Saturday, October 07, 2006


Here Again,

Lets see what I can cover in 15mins while we are waiting at Changi Airport to board our plane. Unfortunately the free internet only allows for 15 mins.

We have had a very good few days feasting on everything and I think Mum is in 7th heaven eating foods she has missed since a child :P. Unfortunately for me this included durians (yucky, stinky fruits) that although out of season Mum has still found abilities to eat it in one form or another! Luckily for me this has included many of my favourites too, such as Sliched BBQ Pork which does come by another name (which I can't spell!) and is delicious amongst others....mmmmm! As for the heat - I must say that I am not wel suited to the hot climate's as after spending just a few days here I have come down with a cold - how is that possible?!??! I am in a hot climate for goodness sake!

Ok so besides eating, eating and eating, I bet you are wondering what we did! Well we tried our hand at walking around the city but that got too hot, so we tried shopping but that was too expensive.... LOL. Nah - on the first day we wondered around the city which was good but as I said - hot :P. Unfortunately it was also very hazy due to near by forest fires which spoilt the view a little. But we did get to see a bit of the city itself. The first night we were here we went to the Night Safari which is well known and everybody told us to go and see it. Well.... what we saw of it was good! But as 'luck' would have it.... honestly, it seems to follow us around.... 1/2 way through our visit, the park was closed due to some tourist going off the beaten track (you can walk as well as take the tram around to view the animals) and entered the rhino enclosure. Well, Rhino's being the lovely animals that they are - trampled this person and thus, after rushing her to hospital they had to close the park... grrrr! So what we saw was good, but unfortunately we couldn't go back! The staff were very kind though and did refund our money for us.

Next day we went to Sentosa Is. but unfortunately it was a little dissapointing being so expensive to see all of the sights. There were things to see but costing around S$10 each attraction a lot of it wasn't worth it. We did go and see the 'Pink Dolphin' though - yes you read right - PINK dolphin - actually they start of grey and as they grow older turn pinker. They put on a rather amusing show with the dolphins and later (after paying extra of course!) I got t go up and pat the dolphin. Was worth it IMO, you even got a pic (which was an awful one with my eyes shut so NO you can't see it!) which didn't make it to expensive. The ticket to view the dolphins also let you into underwater world which was an aquarium... also good but not fantastic. The attractions were also a little dissapointing coz it was basically - see the attraction (ie dolphin show) and that is it - there was nothing else to keep you around and see/ read information about the animals etc. One thing is for sure - food is great, level of technology is great, transport brilliant, but attractions definately need work! Later we went to Chinatown to wonder around and devour some 'mooncake' and later take this bus that took us to see the light show of the three main 'cultural cities'. It is a rarity that this year, three asian festivals overlap with eachother and thus, there has been a big celebration and the bus took us around to see these lights and explain the festivities. You'll have to ask mum more about it, but basically the Chinese have their 'moon/lantern festival', indians have another (Deepavali) and Malay's another (Hari Raya Puasa)..... was very interesting to see all of the decorations.

Today we spend the day with my Cousin and his wife and wondered around the shopping malls trying to resist spending more money. It was good spending time with them before we had to come to catch the plane. Well I think that is about it! Off home tonight and then you will all be wishing I was back o/s again. I hope you enjoyed reading the blog and I can't wait to see you all and here what you have been doing these past 6 weeks!


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