Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Last few days in the UK

Well here I am again - boy I certianly seem to be on the net a lot all of a sudden - ah well the saying goes, it never rains but pours! Well I have emailed you all to tell you I have some pics uploaded, and i'd love to put them up here (or a link) but my technology expertise (or lack of) unfortunately doesn't stretch that far :). Anyone able to help me out?? Anyway, I hope you were able to view them and enjoyed them!

* ETA - lets see if this works.... to view the LA photos click http://www.kodakgallery.com/ShareLandingSignin.jsp?Uc=3vbgiykl.6yzwl2o5&Uy=c64epg&Upost_signin=Slideshow.jsp%3Fmode%3Dfromshare&Ux=1

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Unfortunately, I don't know how to get it to just have one word as opposed to the entire address.... argh..... HELP!!!!

The last few days have been pretty quiet... by our standards anyway! Sunday was spent with my Uncle and family. Although our bags are brimming over with all of the stuff we brought with us and all of the stuff we (ok, ok, I *g*) have bought over here, we still went shopping on Sunday with my uncle who was determined to show us the new 'Tesco' opened nearby. As my Aunty says - most people when they come here will want to be taken to the sights - whereas my uncle loves to take us to Tesco's *g*! For those that don't know - Tesco is a HUGE (Did I mention huge?!) chain that sells everything from fresh groceries to clothes, electronics etc.... kinda like Coles and Kmart combined! Yet, despite my vow before we left that I wasn't going to buy anything, I still managed to walk out of the shops with a few items of clothes and gadgets (not from Tesco but from a clothing outlet and 'poundland'... where things are actually all priced at 1 pound as opposed to the Ozzie $2 shops!

Yesterday we headed off to London city again, with the hopes of catching a theatre show, but we were a little skeptical as we didn't want to pay too much. The main ones we had on our shortlist were 'Billy Elliot' (rave reviews) and 'Wicked' (New musical about the withces of the Wizard of Oz'). Billy Elliot was a no-go with tickets only available at full price (69 quid).... hmm... when u multiply that by 2.5, we thought we didn't want to see it that much! Wicked also didn't seem likely as it has only been released for 2 wks and is a completely new musical, having only been shown in broadway over the last 12 mths. When we enquired however, they had two tickets 'up with the God's' but clear view for 19 Quid :-D! Needless to say we eagerly took them as the reviews for this new musical have been very high. Well, we weren't dissapointed! The props and coreography were fantastic leaving nothing to be desired. The lead singer was to die for - her voice was amazing - one of the best i've heard in a musical for quite a while! She had such a clear, powerful voice! Actually the lead singer is from the original broadway cast which is an extra treat! Honestly - if it ever comes to Oz - you must see it as it is well worth it! Basically it tells the story of Glinda and the 'Wicked witch from the West', how they knew each other and how one turned evil and the other 'good'. Very enjoyable and music was brilliant. I actually thought that hey - we could buy the CD and it would be the cast that we heard (which is never the case at home, always being the London Cast), but unfortunately, as luck would have it - it was the Broadway cast :-(. I'm assuming it is so new, they haven't recorded the CD yet... Just my luck!

For the rest of the day before we went to see the show, Mum and I ambled around the city and decided to go and visit the museums. I am really no 'arty farty' person so didn't have a particular interest to go and see the 'Victoria Albert' museum, so Mum and I decided to split and meet up again. I went to the 'Natural History Museum' and Mum to the 'Victoria Albert' (both are next to each other). Was really good wondering around, but at the same time not as exciting as I would have thought seeming that I have studied it all at uni these past 3 yrs :-(... but I still enjoyed myself and the kid inside of me loved all of the interactive stuff. Well all I can say is that our Vertebrates lecturer taught us well, as I could remember most of that, but when I went into the 'human body' section and was explaining LH does this, which causes FSH to do this and Oestregen to do this, I was at a loss :P..... Darn reproduction, I knew I hated that subject for a reason! All in all - very interesting and in the 2.5 hrs we gave each other, both Mum and I only completed a small portion of the museums.

Well tonight we head off to Singapore for our home leg... 3 days in Sing until home time (ah you poor, poor, people!). Feels good to know that we are coming home now. But one thing is for sure, this 12 hr flight is NOT looking appealing! I still can't believe that to date, Mum and I haven't eaten each other yet, or bitten each others heads off! It's been a good trip, but suprisingly minimal arguments :-0. I can't believe we have covered so much ground! We have driven over 1 000 miles around UK (Mum wanted me to add that in.... I think she is proud :P) as well as travelling around Canada by our itty bitty selves (Mum driving again) so it is hard to believe that it is all coming to an end so soon :). But I guess it has to eventually.... and then i'd have to go back to work..... nooooooo!

Well thats it from me again..... Until next time!

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