Monday, October 16, 2006

Last Weekend of Freedom

Yes you read right,

My last weekend of freedom has passed and now I am back at work *sob, sob*! Ah well, the honeymoon had to end eventually I guess!

I had a great weekend and it is soo nice not to have to rush everywhere all the time (ie: from one training centre to the next). I spent Saturday cleaning up my room (which looked like a bomb hit it - I honestly don't know where to put all of the books I bought!) and later 'puppy proofing' the backyard. Yep, I thought I better get onto it before I run out of time as I want to fix up quite a bit of the yard so that it can accomodate 2 dogs.... I'm actually really looking forward to all of the pottering around in the yard. So I spent most of the day hidden under the deck putting chicken wire under all the gaps so that 'puppy' can't get through.... lets just say staying in a crouched position for a number of hours doesn't make you feel all that great the next day! But on the plus side I got all of my work done *g*!

Leo was most displeased with my 're-decorating' (it means the cat is safe when he runs under the deck). As per usual, he thought that I needed his help so he wondered around with me, flitting between dad and myself. I am sure that he thought it most interesting that I was allowed to dig in the yard and call it 'gardening' yet he wasn't. I think he also thought that I was burying treats for him also as whenever I finished in one area, he felt the need to nose all the dirt around again to see if there were 'yummies' LOL!

Sunday Leo and I headed back to Obedience. Boy it felt like we had been away for a lot longer than 6-7wks. Everyone has moved back to the middle of the grounds and Croydon looks packed again! One thing is for sure, the aussies are certianly increasing in number with Amanda O and Sarah joining (or would have if somebody didn't forget to mention the vacc cards thing!!!). I think that brings the tally up to 6 Aussies and get this for a ratio - 1 blue merle, 3 red merles and 2 black tri's - thats just weird!!! I'm sure all the red merles are there just to make me jealous as they are all beautifully marked!! All I can say is at least i'm being an individual by having the only BM there *ggg*.... despite the fact that it is one of the more popular colours!

Leo did well in his class and is looking promising for his trial on the 29th (yes, yes, i'm nuts, but the CCD is beckoning me back!). He was really eager in his training and heelwork fantastic with tight turns etc. Lets just hope it stays this way for the trial eh?! We return to agility also this week after a loooong break (about 10wks all up) due to Leo's hip injury (seems to be pretty much 100%) as well as my holiday. I can't wait to get back into it again and I really hope that his dog-walk 'issue' has been forgotten (by him) and his hip stays good!!

Well, suprise, suprise, the whole blog is about my dog and training, but what more could you expect! As for the photos - they are coming - I will post links soon.... so far i'm up to PEI so not much more to go I guess :)


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