Monday, December 04, 2006

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Whew! What a weekend!!!!! Where should I start?!?!?!

Lets see - on Wednesday we had our last training for the year in Agility (CDODC having finished earlier, and Agiltiy at croydon finishing on Tue). Another great run by Leo - I think we are finally working really well as a team now and he is listening/ focusing on me more, picking up speed and usually NOT going to the wrong obstacle (note usually!). I've been having great fun with him and I think we are going to be a great team next year! I also recieved some suprising news.... we have been passed up to class 5 in agility which I was immensley proud about! Class 4 is Novice level and since we haven't even been trialling yet, I thought we'd still be in this class for a while! So I am very proud!!!! yahoo!!!!!

Saturday Leo and I trekked down to LaTrobe Uni (Bundoora) for Warringal's agility trial. I wanted to watch the new games in action as well as to get Leo measured. Well we achieved both but I was a little dissapointed with our measured height as we have to jump the highest... 600mm.... bugger! Although I usually wouldn't mind, because Leo is borderline, it makes it a fraction harder for him, being inbetween the heights. This means that we may slow down a little, but my main worry is stressing his joints too much! Ah well! Just means i'll have to run him a little conservatively! I honestly can't wait to start competing in the new year. They also had a Chiro at the trial doing free checks, and I am pleased to announce that she had a quick look at Leo and said he is fine. Hip and all!!! yay! Equal weight on both legs (apparently only a few dogs could do this - shows how many owners miss the beginning signs!) etc, etc. This is a huge relief for me as I still worry over his leg, but have been soo impressed with it since our last visit to the Chiro.

Sunday we went down to the ASCV xmas breakup at Gembrook. I had to go the 'long way' (via pakenham) since I had 2 dogs in the car and Leo doesn't/ didn't travel that well so I didn't want to take them through the windy mountain roads! Was a good day and we got to see our puppies!!!!!!!!! I'm trying sooo hard not to get my hopes up yet, but oh they are sooo CUTE!!! 6 wks old now and I am hoping against hope that there is one little girl in there for me. I didn't get a long cuddle or anything because there were kids in with them all the time (excellent social) and I didn't wanna kick them out! LOL! I did stay around though until after the comittee meeting when the gang had a look at the pups and how they are turning out. It seems that there are about 3 boys looking hopefull and 2 girls. One girl I really like the markings on... full white blaze/muzzle and white feet (but not a full front)... tiny splash of white on the neck. She was sweet too... very kissy :P. As for their drive etc, I honestly don't know as they were all so tired by the time I got to them, having been cuddled to death by the kiddies :). One was a little devil, but she wasn't one of the 'show quality' ones :(. I forgot my camera AGAIN, so no piccies, but if you click here here and scroll down to 'ELLAGANT' you can see the group shot. Leo was really well behaved at the fun day and we even did a mini agility demo (we buggered up major, I lost him at the end *g*!) and we won 'best trick' (senior division *g*!).

Our stay practice has been coming along really well so far. He has been holding sits in situations where he really wants to go and run (with other dogs) such as sitting while dogs are hooning (and I mean hooning, coz owners don't know i'm training!) around him as well as coming up to sniff... there usually isn't much distance between me and him, but it is getting the understanding of 'stay' there which is more important. He also is veeery good at holding his stays wit me cooing around and trying to entice him up (lots of 'pup, pup, puppy' calling, squeaking balls, crouching down, patting my leg etc). Been doing resistance training as well and he always gives me a look as if to say "not in your life!"... so all of this is making his stays look promising but I got him to hold a stay at Warringal while having lunch and he went to lie down *sigh*!.... The only reasoning I can give for this is that he 'assumed' that he wasn't in a stay and went to lie down to get comfortable (my attention wasn't completely on him).... once I told him 'uh-uh' he quickly sat up again and held it no worries.... keep practicing I guess!

I have a busy year planned for next year coming (I can't believe it is xmas time already!!!). I really want to get stuck into obedience & agility in a big way for Leo. I worked out last night that I would really like to achieve 7 titles with him next year! Sounds a lot but I think it is manageable - even without trialling every weekend ie: plenty of puppy free time and time to show puppy also! Here is a list of what I want to achieve:

CCD - Community Companion Dog
CD - Companion Dog

AD - Agility Dog
JD - Jumping Dog
SD - Snooker Dog
SPD - Strategic pairs dog (if I can find a partner)

HT - herding test.

I think that this is achievable, and I would really like to get CD, AD, JD the most. I have a whole new perspective really on trialling now and am just out there to have fun again as I felt I was getting a tad to competitive with myself and thus, getting too stressed about the trials (mucking us up even more!) as well as being incredibly dissapointed when we didn't get there! I have one more obed trial for the year, and i'm trying to keep in the mindframe that I am currently in - if we pass, we pass, if we don't, who cares?! LOL! But hopefully i'll be able to introduce everyone to Ellagant Full O Mischief CD AD JD SPD SD HT next year! Whew, What a name! Hopefully!!! I also hope that in a few weeks i'll be able to introduced you to midget 'Ellagant something or rather'!! LOL! Then i'll have pics!!! I've been reading up on 'show training' (Thanks Amanda!) in the meantime and practicing on Leo!

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