Saturday, December 23, 2006



Firstly someone should take a camera away from me coz i'm forever snapping pics of the animals!!!! As for the post yesterday, I think I was over-reacting a little *blushes*.... like that isn't like me! But as people who know me well (or even not well) would know how hard it is for me NOT to get attached to a dog that is staying with me and I *really* like Lacey and hence want this to work out.... I honestly don't want to send her back or let anyone else have the privelidge of owning her!!!!

This is my kitty Monty for those who haven't seen him before. He is my first kitty, my first pet (even though we had a dog before, Monty was the first pet solely for me!). He is 7 years young and a devil at stages (hey Kylie!) and absolutely lovely at other times.... anyone heard of Jekyll and Hyde - thats him right there!! LOL! Monty also got his name from my favourite author -
L M Montgomery, who loved cats, especially grey ones :)

Pretty self explanatory - I just like it coz a second after the shot was taken, Monty gave Leo a head rub, which he reciprocated with a sloppy kiss *g*! Just goes to show dogs and cats do get along :). I like this shot of Leo moving around the yard - it was taken a while ago though!

Cute shot of Leo sound asleep on his mat inside..... didn't take Lacey long to understand that when the mat is out and she is on it she is NOT allowed off....
Now for the Madam:

Not a stack by any means but it turned out to be a nice shot of her anyway :)... note to self... really must start practicing acting like a show dog :P.

Awww puh-lease let me inside.... I promise I won't run riot and sit nice and calmly like this :).... uh yeah, sure you will!!!I just love this shot of her head!!!!! *melts*!

OMG - she *almost* looks grown up here - sooo dignified.... no fair... they grow up to fast as it is, and now I start in the middle of puppyhood :-(.

(are ya bored yet?!... No? Good!!!)
"So do we really have to stay on the mat???"

"Grrrr... its mine..." "no it's not.... it's mine!"

"C'mon give me a go!".... who said she wasn't interested in toys?!?!?!?!

Well i'm sure you have had enough of the 'photo gallery' now!!! Hope you enjoyed it :D.


Cabrissi said...

OMG... she is SO sooooo pretty! What gorgeous expression in the shots where she's sitting, headshot and looking regal! Leo is of course gorgeous as ever and your kitty is gorgeous! Grey cats are one of my favorites, mine have always been grey (solid), grey and white like Monty or blue-point till I got Tache! (Who does the jeckyl-hyde thing as well, think it's just a cat thing?)

Kylie said...

Wow dude you are such a good photographer! You definately have some good shots there ;) Loving the photos keep them coming hehe