Monday, December 11, 2006

Lacey comes home on Friday

Well I made my decision!!!!!!!! I'm really excited by it now :D. Lacey is coming for a trial period over xmas. I am going up to see her again tomorrow (with Leo this time) and then will bring her home on Friday and will spend 2 wks with her to decide whether she stays or goes back to Ana. I feel like i've made the right choice and after talking to a whole bunch of people they don't think i'll have to much trouble with her and should just 'try her on for size'. I just really hope it works... and even with missing out on the puppy cuteness, there are still plenty of pups around that I can cuddle (nudges Amanda!!) and lets face it Amanda, we have to catch up over summer, if not for the puppy social rather than anything else *g*! On the flip side I also do feel really bad about taking Lacey coz she has been living with Ana & Ben for 5 mths and I know that they would be really attached to her already..... evil, evil me!!! And then comes the thought of 'name changing'... Lacey doesn't really suit me, and i'm not that much a fan of alliteration so I don't really want Leo & Lacey :P. Silly I know.... and then - she won't really feel like my dog unless I named her...... So atm, i'm tossing between Stacey (big change I know, but it will be easier on her... and I like the name!) or Kinta. But can you chance a 5mth old's name???? Ok, ok I know, I have to get through the 2wks first to see if she fits - and trust me, i'll be able to say no if she doesn't... I know I will :D :D


Cabrissi said...

YAY! And yes, we do have to catch up! You're always most welcome over here or happy to meet at any of the parks of course! You may think you just cuddling a puppy but really you're a socialization vict... er.. HELPER! ;-)

IME changing names shouldn't be a problem. Think how many nicknames most dogs have! Cade was "Johnny Rotten" till he was almost 5 months. Bella learned hers at 4 yrs and I adopted a 9 yo dog and changed her name too. Of the two, I like Kinta. (Cuz my opinion counts for anything! lol) Plus if you have to holler her name during a trial/training you won't get confused people wondering why you're calling them! :P

Kylie said...

Oh yay im going to see the dog on friday then when u come visit me arent I? Woohoo! It looks so cute. Hehe i spoilt the surprise by reading the blog didnt I? Otherwise you would have told me why you will be in my area on friday.

I agree with cabrissi. I love the name Kinta. It sounds so adorable.
You made my day today mate. I am now so excited for you.

aussienut said...

Darn you! I was hoping you didn't read it :P. Yep i'm going to pick up Lacey on Friday and I can't wait. I just really hope it all works out ok!!!