Thursday, December 28, 2006

Merry Christmas & my final decision

Firstly I hope that everyone has had a fantastic Christmas and the good cheer carries over the next few days and you all have a great new year also! The past week I guess has been fairly busy for our household with baking and getting organised. Christmas eve saw us all treading to the Carols By Candlelight at the Sydney Myer Music Bowl. Pity the weather wasn't very appreciative (I know we want the rain but couldn't it hold off for 2 more days?!?!?!). My brother also came 'home' from Sydney with his g/f so it was great to see the both of them again.... and to have someone to beat up.... mind you- having m&m's thrown at you in the pouring rain isn't all that fun :P. The carols were good, although Ray Martin was a bit of a dissapointment as whenever the ads (for TV) came on he would just walk off the stage and not 'entertain' us :(. By about 10:30 when the big downpour hit we had had enough of the cold and wet - so we packed up and came home. Christmas was very relaxing as we didn't have to rush off to my aunties for lunch this year, having just a quiet family lunch at home. Went to church in the morning and then had a relaxing late lunch/dinner. I did well this year, but I always enjoy 'giving' better as I like to see whether or not people like my presents :D. I got some clothes/jewellery, books, lipstick, chocolate and the usual stuff. Oh - and I got tickets to MISS SAIGON!!!!! Which I have been (subtly of course) dropping hints that I am dying to see it!!!! I love the music but since the musical has never been in Melbourne, i've never seen it. So I can't wait :D :D.

Boxing day saw us at the shops when we got up. I got a few things that I didn't really need, but were 'discounted' lol! No matter how hard I looked I couldn't find a giant teddy for Leo and 'Lacey' so unfortunately they missed out this year :(. Scott got them a bag of treats though *g*! My brother was most impressed with the little miss, although she wasn't so much with him... he was making funny noises and always seemed to be coming out from strange places.... oh and he always likes to gesticulate a lot so I guess that freaked her out a little.... nothing a bit of food couldn't fix :P. Went to see a movie on Boxing day as well (cheap a** Tuesday!) - Happy Feet - which was cute... saw this with Lily - Scotts g/f. Came home to then help Mum for another feast - all of her relatives coming over to celebrate xmas. Another few kilos to pile on as we feasted (did I ever mention that my mum is a great cook?!?!). In the end we all retired to bed with very full stomachs!

Yesterday Scott had a few of his friends over for lunch (another big meal - yep I have since gone up 3 dress sizes since xmas eve!). This was fun also, but I sorta flitted in and out, as I was also trying to clean up my room etc. I am sure Scott had heaps of fun catching up with his friends though. Lacey handled the situation well (lots of loud people outside etc)... she was a little shy, but happy to mingle amongst the crowd etc, just not too sure when 5 ppl at once tried to donk her on the head! Understandable! Well, my Brother ended up heading back to Sydney this morning, to catch a flight to Vietnam where he will be holidaying for 2.5wks.

All in all I had a great (but exhausting) few days and was meant to be enjoying a bludge infront of the TV today, but ended up infront of the computer instead (271 unread emails!!!!). I have been really impressed with how Lacey has handled everything... not to preturbed or anything. I took her to work today as I wanted to see how she would respond so that I know whether or not to bring her for a 'full' day next week when I return. She amazed me. She was fine with all of the funny noises, people walking funny etc. She was even fine with people patting her etc (I didn't think she would be as they tend to grab etc). She even did the same things that Leo does with a few of the residents which was amazing. So I have another therapy dog on my hands!!!! I'm so pleased at how well she handled it.

Ok - so now I come to my final decision (as if you didn't expect it already).... Lacey will be staying as a permanent member of our household. She is so sweet and everything I was looking for in a dog. Although she has a few things that I was concerned about they, in my mind have turned out to be nothing that I can't handle or that could/should affect our working career. She has handled this huge change to her life really well and the way that she and Leo get along is amazing. They share bones together, sleep together, walk really well together, play well together, yet at the same time have no issues with being separated :D. There are so many things going right that I don't think I could separate them (or me from her!)! I am still concerned about her response to people but it is 10fold better now and always on the improve.... I think it is just something that I have to keep rewarding her for etc. All in all I think she will be a great addition to our house, not to mention a FABULOUS agility and obedience dog as she thinks and is fast.... this is coming out more and more, as she becomes more comfortable... she is playing with toys more also. So watch out people - i'm going to have 2 dynamo dogs in the rings!!!! They are soo different though and I love each for their work ethic... Of course I haven't done much with Lacey yet, but Leo is so bouncy and enthusiastic with his work, but the things that I want to improve in him are in Lacey. She should be a great dog to do some clicker/shaping with!!! I can't wait to get started :P. As for her ears - if they go up, they go up... I'll try everything to keep them down, but honestly, so many other things are more important to me and I can *hopefully* handle Ana's dogs in the show ring or something if they do go up... at the moment agility/obedience is far more important since I can't breed from her until I move out of home, and at that time, it is likely i'll be ready for another dog then as I don't believe in letter her have her maiden at the age of 6-7.... Oh and the final thing - her name will be Kinta.... as soon as I can get my head around it :P. LOL! So please let me introduce you to our newest member:

Ellagant Full Of Antics - aka: Kinta out of Ellagant Mischief Maker by Gr Ch Leesway Smokin Ash. Future Agility, Obedience & Herding extrodinaire as well as regular beauty and spoilt pooch *ggg*!

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Cabrissi said...

Aw, I had a feeling she'd be staying! LOL Welcome home Kinta! Now I *have* to meet her!!! ;-)