Wednesday, December 13, 2006

More Lacey news

Hi Again :)

Well I went to visit Miss Lacey last night again.... with Leo this time. Geez once we are there I can waste sooo much time! Dad tagged along this time rather than Mum (who isn't feeling terribly good!). My impression of her was just as good as last time. She met Leo and though a little shy at first, she quickly recovered and spent the whole time playing 'chasey' with him in the back paddock.... Leo thought it was the best coz she couldn't catch him. He still needs to learn to be a little more gentle, but I think that will come with time. Lacey is a really big smooch and loved to give kisses everyone and boy can she jump!!! She has springs in her feet, although she doesn't slam into you like Leo does :P. The funniest thing happened too - whenever she stopped running, she would flomp at my feet instead of anyone elses. Boy does she LEAN! LOL! So the long and short is that I didn't have to go home and re-think as she made it quite clear to me that I wanted her to come back with me *g*!

My concerns:

I'm still concerned with how much she has been exposed to. She *seems* super confident but I don't know how much of that will disappear once she leaves home turf. I also don't think she has met many other dogs other than Aussies and borders. So how will she react to different breeds. I don't think this will be a huge issue as she knows how to communicate with dogs clearly (ie: been around them for ages) but I don't know what she will think of 'strange' dogs. Will she behave differently or just be a little shy at first. How much of this 'lack of social' will backfire on me later when she is older????? This I guess is my major concern. The other one would be different environments.... how is she going to respond to strange noises, trains, trucks and our daily suburban life.... trucks running past etc,etc. People and her interaction i'm not concerned about... but I guess I just won't know until I have had her for two weeks and 'shown her the world'.... Amanda - wanna meet up in the city one day in the next 2 weeks????

Other than that I also got to play with the younger pups again who were a LOT more active than last time when they were always ready for a nap.... they were zooming around everywhere having an 8-way tug-o-war, barking, growling and carrying on!!! Was an absolute hoot. I did have a chuckle to myself though coz the black girl that was 'potentially' mine... kept running up to me for cuddles... so even if she was available, I would have chosen her!!!! LOL!

Aside from dogs i'm having a pretty crap day today with people coming at me left, right and centre, photocopiers chucking hissy fits and just all round having a BAD day. Off to the ballet tonight so that should be good!

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Cabrissi said...

Aw, she sounds like such a sugar-pup! *melts*

She probably will be a bit more cautious once she leaves her turf but if she's got a solid temperment to start with and has experience with novel situations being positive, I bet she'll adapt a lot better than you may think.

Socialization isn't just teaching them every object you expose them to is good and all the rest aren't. No matter how much you socialize you can't expose her to EVERYTHING she'll EVER see or experience in her life in a few weeks... yk? Rather the goal is to have her learn new/weird situations aren't something to flip out over. She might not have seen all the stuff in your neighborhood but betchya she's seen plenty of things at their place and had good experiences with them... some of which you probably wouldn't have gotten in the 'burbs! So, just another way to look at things! :-)

Would DEF love to meet up for puppy socialization! Now when are you going to start showing so I don't look like a fool alone??????? *VBG*