Thursday, December 14, 2006

Enough about dogs - now lets have some fun!

Firstly - sorry Kylie; they were too good NOT to nick from you!

1. I've come to realize that my ex...umm yeah lets not go there
2. I am listening to...nothing, but i've been listening to an awful lot of "Wicked" the musical lately (Sad I know but that's me)!
3. I talk...a hell of a lot - once I get started I don't stop. I think I rival the Gilmore Girls.... I definately beat you Kylie.... and when we are together, I think we talk about as much sense as the Gilmore Girls LMAO!
4. I love... competing and training my dog/s.... any dog for that matter!
5. My best friend(s)...are few and far between, tough to find but the best people in the world!
6. My first kiss...i'd rather not talk about it..... has been erased from memory... i'm soo ashamed :P
7. I wish I was...not so confused with my life and knew which direction I was going!
8. I don't like it when people...think i'm weird because of my interests and ride me off as someone to talk to / hang around with.
9. True love...must be wonderful for those lucky buggers who manage to find it (I second that!)
10. Marriage is...far...FAR in my future.... but hopefully will come one day!
11. Somewhere someone is thinking...that farts are the funniest things on earth (sorry im in a weird mood!)
12. I'll dog mad and a 'love me, love my dog' person
13. I have a secret crush on.. no-one in the moment unless I could have a crush on someone 70+ *g*! The number of 'available' guys in my life at the moment is *v-e-r-y* limited
14. The last time I cried was because...I can't remember, but it wouldn't have been that long ago and it would have been over something silly. I never cry when things REALLY hurt, but usually over petty things!
15. My cell phone...boring, small and sitting next to me!
16. When I wake up in the morning...I try hard to go back to sleep but know that I *can't* be late for work... AGAIN!
17. Before I go to sleep at night...I hope and pray for the good things in my life to continue and the troubling things to improve
18. Right now I am thinking life..... and Lacey coming home!
19. Babies are...confusing.... I love them but I don't know if i'd ever make a good mother... I don't like to 'coo' over other peoples babies either, but I like them enough!
20. I get on myspace...not really relevant since i'm NOT on myspace, but i'm on the blogger thing so people can be up to date with my weird and zany ways!
21. Today I...went to work, had fun with my dog (who came to work today), came home and did nothing much
22. Tonight I will...perhaps watch TV or maybe go to sleep!
23. Tomorrow I will...bring Lacey home and spend all of my spare time with her!
24. I really hook me a russell.....find the *perfect* job for me that will still allow me time to train my own dogs and enjoy it.... basically be happy in life and have someone to share it with (yeah, sure, keep dreaming!)

Ok - i'll do the other half another day!!!

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Kylie McMahon said...

Haha see i am just so brilliant that you had to copy me, even with some of my answers to the questions hehe. Well cant say i blame you....i am brilliant ;)
Just joshin you

hehe love the 70+ comment. I couldnt stop laughing.