Monday, April 16, 2007

dogs, dogs, dogs

Well, what else would you expect in a post from me *vbg*!

Busy weekend on my part. Saturday I spent the day down at KCC doing a whole array of things. AM - showing Kinta - our first show in 2 months. She behaved terribly, although I can't really blame her. Since she has been in season, she had a very quiet week, so was thrilled at the aspect of being brought out again! Result: no proper 'gaiting' but a happy prance instead..... *not* exactly what you want in the breed ring. She was also holding perfect heel position despite the fact she has not yet learnt heel - well a moving heel anyway, I have only just started the basics with her :p. LOL - I have been soo caught up with consolidating with Leo and doing basic obed with Kinta that it was really highlighted at the show *hides face in embarassment*..... so now on our agenda for Kinta is to teach her how to act like a showdog - some nice gaiting and possibly working on a free stack too.

For those that want to join me in my embarassment - this is what we looked like (actually she behaved better than this at the actual show.... this was after about 2 hours of her watching me either do stuff with Leo or other dogs so she was VERY EAGER to come out of her crate!

Sat PM consisted of me organising a training day at KCC with some 'DOL' friends. Unbeknowns to me, it turned out I was the only one there who had trialled, so I ended up taking them through the steps of what to expect at a trial. I found this really fun and it was good practice for me also to watch others and help them along with their training (at least I hope I helped them along!!!). I did a 'little' bit of work with Leo who was working beautifully and I even got a bit on video. Didn't realise until we finished filming (well I guessed as much when he was heeling) that he was lame. So a few days rest for him! Here is the vid:

I'm really at loggerheads about this as Leo always seems to come up injured one way or another! It is weird as these should be dogs that can work ALL day, yet Leo seems accident prone. Rusty never got injured really, or perhaps she did and we never realised. Part of me wants to think that he keeps injuring himself through agility, but the more I think about it, the more I think not. I have an inkling feeling he just injures himself from hooning around the yard with Kinta and of course having a smaller yard, it requires sharp turns etc to play chasey, which in turn = injuries :P. Then of course there is the fenceline pacing they have started which I think has added to potential injuries. Working on this one and we are definately getting progress, so hopefully the injuries will subside a little. But lets face it, the aussies seem to play hard and fast, very much body dogs so this may also cause the injuries. Who knows! But a couple days rest for Leo and we'll see how he goes! I'm a little skeptical of taking him to the Chiro again as I don't want him to become dependant on getting cracked back into place.... I think the body itself to some degree should be able to do it on its own!! BTW - it was much better yesterday and since yesterday was 'relatively' quiet, it is MUCH better today (I hardly notice it!).

Sunday was the Aussie Shepherd Fun Day at Ruffey Lake which was a ball and a nice change being so close to home!!! Kinta had to stay home due to being in season and Leo came, although he was on-lead only (or in a small pen set up) due to his leg - I didn't want it to get worse so he had a fairly quiet day exercise wise, but lapped up all the attention and 'sights'. The club organised a whole bunch of activities and I think there were approx 50 Aussies all hooning around! It was great to see so many out and about and even better to see such a large number of dogs all intermingling with not a cross word out of any!

Kinta was at home while Mum and Dad had some friends over for a BBQ lunch. I was kind of (but not overly) suprised to hear that Kinta was non-communicado with the family... as soon as they arrived, she wouldn't interact at all and stayed clear of the decking. As soon as I came home and I walked up the deck to say hi to everyone, Kinta bounded after me and was all wiggles and smiles to everybody there! She is definately a one-person dog and while she is happy to take attention from anyone (and begs it from people she knows, or out in public), she seems a lot more reserved at home, particularly if I am not there. But I think what added to it yesterday was that there was a toddler at home and not a quiet one but a very loud squealing one *vbg* - not naughty, just excited! I think that put Kinta off a little (who knows, I wasn't there!). But I found it interesting that as soon as I came home she was offering cuddles and kisses too all, including the toddler - who thought it was great fun to have her toes and feet licked by Kinta! *ROFL* - this girl is an interesting case!

I also met Kinta's sister at the fun day - BJ, who looks a lot like Kinta, meaning they both look a lot like Tiana (IMO). Am very jealous of BJ however who has the most gorgeous, rich copper!!! I was talking to BJ's owner who said that by the sounds of things, BJ is similar to Kinta - she doesn't like people who have extremes.... very high one minute and loud and booming the next. Apparently BJ has never really gained full trust with the hubby and I am starting to find that Kinta is like that with Mum..... she will interact, but I can see she sees mum as a little unpredictable. She seems to read mum a lot and will keep well away from her at times :-O!

Still... having said all that, I am very proud that she is my dog and incredibly pleased with her temperament. IMO, she still has a very solid temperament albeit a little reserved!! Just making sure no-one thinks she is a basket case as she certianly isn't and IMO is still an incredibly confident dog.

I was enjoying watching these Aussies yesterday and how they interacted with young kids. The dogs seem to dote on their 'child buddies' and the feeling is mutual - there were soo many visual images of young kids trotting around with their family dog close at their heels and doting on their young masters! BJ and her buddy Sarah were having a ball and it was evident that these guys did everything together. Who ever said that doggies and kids don't mix!!! LOL - they seemed a perfect match yesterday, each one exhausting the other *vbg*!

Well.... another start to another week - feeling a little under the weather today (don't know why) but I don't have anything in particular planned for this week and looks like it will be a quiet one for me! For a change!

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Kylie said...

Ahhhhh yeessss i have heard of this famous ruffey lake lol. But am still yet to go there. Me wonders why u havent taken me there lol. Some people just dont know how to share :p

Sounds like you had yet ANOTHER busy weekend. Glad to hear that you enjoyed it.